Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Numbskulls 98' and 99' demo
Both demos one download

The Numbskulls-Atrocious Habits Demo 98'
1. Punx and Skins Stick Together
2. Pissed off
3. Lets Start a Riot
4. East Coast Punks
5. Death Of a Scene

The Numbskulls-In With The Old...Demo 99'
1. Cease Fire
2. Discrimination
3. M.C.A.B.
4. Numbskulls
5. Freedom of Speech

Ok I guess alittle History about both demos.

Atrocious Habits 98'
In 1996 I was in a experimental rock band called Finger Karate. We later changed our name to Cellar Dwellars (yes with the A at the end). We played a Battle of the Bands and won second place. The Prize was 8 hours of studio time at some lame studio. Well the band broke up alittle after winning, but we still had the studio time. So when I joined The Numbskulls in the summer of 98', I asked the guys from my old band if I could have my share of the studio time and any time they didnt want. One guy said yes and the others said no. So with 4 free hours we recorded our first demo. Pretty much the demo was one take all of us playing together. The studio was so shitty, everyone had headphones except me and my bass was plugged direct. So I couldnt hear how terrible I was playing. I just remember we all wanted to do things over.. but ended up just saying fuck it, it is what it is. I like that crusty grimy sound though. The engineer wouldnt stop talking to us either, he kept telling us how he went to M.I.T. and how amazing he is at recording. I'd say he spoke about himself for a good 45 mins in our recording session. We made 50 cassettes with Bill Clinton on the cover, all the other demo covers had a punk dude with a mohawk on the cover. We were supposed to play a show about a week after recording, but our drummer was sick and ended up not showing, we were already at the show, so we set up our merch table and ended up making 98$ on demos and shirts. That was crazy to us.

In With The Old...Demo 99'
All these songs were written with Art. But before we recorded this demo Art leaves the band. Few weeks pass, we try out drummers (including Shawn Gorman from Repercussion but at the time he was in a punk band called No Motivation) and we finally find a drummer that doesnt have another band and is kinda good. I mean his skills were limited to the Misfits drum beat and that beat only, but we needed someone and someone fast. That person was Paul Brown. Before recording this demo we kept telling him "you need to learn the Casualties beat". He did his best, and I think he did a pretty good job. The band lost the grime factor and got more of a straight punk feel I think. This demo we went to a new studio called Rot On Recordings. We were told to go there by a local band called N.O.C. (no one cares). The guy who ran the studio (Ron) was a guitar player in a band called Double Barrel. He loved to play his bands songs to us. Songs I remember were " Marijuana Do You Wanna" and "Dr Groovenstien". He had a Mortal Kombat 2 arcade in the studio and Brett loved it. Anyway our one singer was 15 and the other was 16 and this guy kept asking if they wanted beers. So when we recorded this... Paul, Joel and Dan were fucked up. Thats why the one line is "Here comes the bastards", at 1:15 of the song Numbskulls Dan burps and Paul stops playing at the beginning of MCAB. This demo took 2 days to do. It was recorded to a DAT tape instead of pro-tools. The DAT tape probably still exists somewhere.

fake names real names
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dan Blaze = Dan McCarthy [Vocals]
Snipe Destructive/Snake Cooper = Joel Parsons [Vocals]
Freddie Vacant = Fred Lott [Second Guitar]
Brett Saberhagen = Brett Kaplan [Lead Guitar]
Jace Ponn = Jason Hillegass [Bass]
Artcore Howard = Art Howard [98' drummer]
Peter Jennings = Paul Brown [99' drummer]

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