Saturday, September 4, 2010

this is why I suck

::Ill make it quick::

was getting gas yesterday at the sunoco on the white horse pike, I see a girl pull in, shes blocking the entrance, cars are beeping at her, she keeps looking for something in her car, she looked stressed out and flustered. she pulls across all the parking spots at the gas station, I go to leave, I thought to myself let me see if shes ok. got out of my car, knocked on the window, asked if she was alright, she said she ran out of gas and doesnt have her card on her, and she tried to reach her roommate but they werent picking up, she starts to cry, I asked if she wanted to borrow money, she said no, I insisted and got 20$ for her, I thought she was attractive, she was wearing like a renaissance/gothic dress which was alittle strange but whatever to each their own, she asked for my phone number then my address to pay me back, I said dont worry about it thinking i didnt want the money back, but me being a moron didnt give her my number, at the time I wasnt thinking, I really regret not giving her my number. I rarely meet people cause I dont do anything, I work and sleep, i have no time to go out and meet "chicks", I tried internet good, this happens, and Im blind. if she had a boyfriend or not who cares, I still should have made some kinda move, idiot, as soon as I get in my car, Im thinking, Im a moron, go back and say something, but its to late to drive back and say, oh hey heres my number... im a moron... so much for keeping it quick

if this doesnt make sense, sorry I wrote it real quick

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HeatherFe said...

aw jay you're so cute. just remember for next time. 9 out of 10 girls are easy, don't feel so much pressure.

if you hang out with me more I'll have you up to your eyeballs in renaissance goth girls. (I can't promise good looks, but I can promise a variety of crushed velvet clad women to choose from).