Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Chi Chis Salsa Commercial]

when I was a kid thought this commercial was soo awesome

still kinda rules. I dont think I ever dipped a chip like that women does at 17 seconds.


HeatherFe said...

I LOVED CHI CHI'S! Until I fell at the one next to the shore mall cuz it was wet and they didn't put up a sign. I should have sued and gotten free chips n dip n cash for life.

Jay said...

brett me and joel went one time, the women dropped off chips and salsa and asked what kind of sodas we wanted. When she walked away we ate all the chips, she came back 10 seconds later, saw all the chips missing and said " you ate them all already?" and I said "look at us".. Thats when it was near the end, when it was kinda new it was really good.. the lunch buffet was boombastic mr fantastic