Friday, November 26, 2010

Pung Young [LONG sorry] First Job

2 weeks before my 16th birthday I applied at a movie theater
The boss came out and said
"when you turn 16 come back"
The day after my birthday, I went back in and applied.
I got the job making 5.05$ an hour
The first night I worked was hectic
Movies that were opening the night I started were
Air Force One, Good Burger, and Men in Black
I started as an usher, then worked my way up to concession and the box office
I was trained in the concession stand by a vietnamese women named Pung Young
everyone just called her Young
Her english was terrible
when people would try to steal bulk candy she would yell and I mean yell
"Jean, they take my candy Jean!"
Jean was my manager
Young taught me how to properly mop, close down the concession stand and clean the popcorn machine
she would complain everyday about how people from the night before left the concession stand dirty
If she came in in the morning and it was dirty she would re-clean everything.
She wouldnt sell or make popcorn till it was how she wanted it
So one night I was asked to close, I got scared cause I figured I was going to get the brunt of her anger
I did everything she taught me, but still thought it wasnt clean enough
I was working the next day as an usher
I was expecting to come in and see her re-cleaning the concession stand
When I came in, I saw her standing there talking with our manager Jean
I thought
"great, shes complaining, I hate this women"
As I walked through the front door my manager Jean called me over.
"Jason, come here"
I walked over kinda giving Young a dirt nasty kinda look
"Young tells me this is the first time she didnt have to clean before opening"
I was surprised
"Really? wow, well shes a great teacher"
I felt like such a scumbag having a hate look when I walked in
Jean asked if I wanted to work with her instead of being an usher
I loved being an usher, rip tickets, clean theaters, not that much interaction like it is at the Box Office and Concession stand
"Sure why not"
I had to work a double that day, 10 am till 12 pm, child labor laws? hello?
That night she told me how everyone hated her, because she was so strict with the cleaning
For some reason we started forming this tight bond.
Young only wanted me closing the concession stand (great, thanks)
or training new people if she couldnt
I guess as some kind of ritual, at the end of the night she would take the hot dog drippings from our hot dog machine and put it in a cup
She would drink it like a shot every night before she started cleaning
well that night, she asked if I wanted to try it
"Whats it taste like?"
"It tastes good, like hot dog, but only drink"
"that doesnt sound to good"
"just drink"
It didnt taste terrible to be honest.
Her and I were always close, if I was an usher and I saw it getting really busy, I would open a register and help her.
Her family would come in, and they would eat in the back supply closet
Once in awhile when no movies were being seated they would ask me back there to eat with them
Food wasnt amazing, but it was free
I dont know what happened to her though
Scream 2 opened and there was a riot
A lot of the staff got hurt
not me though, I pulled a prick move and when my shift was up and I told the manager
"I need to check on my mom, shes out there waiting for me"
"Ok we need you to stay late and help with crowd control"
I walked out to my moms car and just said
When I came in the next day for work
some workers were in casts, some had black eyes, and one manager had been hit in the head with a bottle.
all for Scream 2?!
After that I never saw her again
The manager Jean said she was deported, but honestly who knows.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this. I am going to take a hot dog shot and watch scream 2 and riot in memory of pung young.