Friday, November 12, 2010

Rodney... not dangerfield

Heres another story people wont believe, but you know what, who cares, it happened. I was driving through the tolls on the expressway and I saw this girl, she looked so familiar but I couldnt remember her name, as I was driving away I pointed at her and said " holy spirit high school". Up the road alittle bit it hit me, her name is Shareese Williams. The picture above is of Rodney Jerkins. Back in the day, around 1997 Shareese went out with him. She was 16 or 17 and he was like 21 or 22 I think. At the time he hadn't recorded with any hype artists like J-lo or Destiny's Child yet. I think the only song he had at the time was "Dont wanna be a player no more", the song Big Pun sampled.
well anyway, she didnt really brag about dating him, but almost everyone knew about it. At the time I was working at the movie theater as an usher. One day Shareese walks in, and behind her is a posse of people. She starts walking towards the box office and stops when she sees me ripping tickets. I had no clue what Rodney Jerkins looked like, she turned to the crowd of 15 and then started walking over towards me. She came up and said

"Whats up Jay?"
"What movie you guys trying to see?"
"How to be a player"
"I can get you in"
"Just me?"
"No all of you"
"Yea you gotta do it now though"

she walked away and talked to them, they all looked over at me shocked. They walked across the lobby and came to where I was ripping tickets. Rodney was in front and walked up to me.

"Yo man good lookin out, I appreciate it"
"not a problem, enjoy the movie"

They all filed past me, nodding, saying thank you and they went into the theater. About 5 mins later Shareese walked back out.

"They want me to get popcorn, will I get in trouble if they see me walking back in"
"Just pretend to show me a stub"

she walks past me and buys popcorn, candy, soda, and hot dogs. They had to give her a box to get it back to the theater. Shes walking up towards me.

"do you need a hand?"
"no Im ok, thank you though"
"You sure?"
"Yes, Oh, one more thing, Rodney wanted me to give this to you for hooking us up"
"He didnt have to"
"He has enough of it, dont worry"
"Tell him thank you"
"I will"

I waited for her to get into the theater and checked what she gave me. 40$. After high school I would see Shareese at Def Comedy jam on B.E.T., sitting on the stage laughing at DL Hughley, Bruce Bruce, and other comedians.

Thats the story...seeing her at the toll, reminded me. Sorry

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