Thursday, November 18, 2010


This trailer makes this movie look amazing but Holy shit this movie sucked. It was so bad I want to ruin it for everybody so no one sees it. Acting is terrible, the guy from scrubs dies, and is cheating on his girlfriend with his assistant, his girlfriend dies by getting eaten by a monster near the end. The other two actors are bad, the girl is pregnant and its typical convo, she says Im pregs, and he says oh shit, and she says is that all you have to say.. dumb. If you look in the light, your body gets taken over, and they suck you in. The dude with the preg girl looks in light, but doesnt get taken, so now he has an alien rash. For some reason they try to leave and goto the harbor but the aliens have no clue they are there, makes no sense to leave, they leave, and thats when scrubs dude and assistant girl die. they go back upstairs, dumb dialog, they see that the aliens are using human brains to run. so to make a long story short (to late) they both get taken to the ship, the girl is laying there and the aliens see shes preg, she watches her BF get his brain taken out. but for some reason his brain is a different color than everyone elses, cause he saw the light and has the alien rash so it makes him different? she gets taken to another room with other ladies screaming about their baby. you see other peoples brains being put in the aliens, and they run off and start mayhem, then you see his brain put in and the monster starts acting crazy, then while they were about to rip out her baby, the alien with boyfriend brain busts in and saves here... then the movie ends.. with cartoon drawings over the credits of what happens next...

just wrote, didnt reread it.. hope it makes sense... hate

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