Saturday, December 18, 2010

hang time (not the sitcom)

first thing I want to say is that I hate the sitcom Hang Time, so I guess this post is kinda about Hang Time the sitcom

even though Amber Barretto is such a major fox, the show still suckedOk so anyway, Hung out with Spencer and Art the other week.
Arts house is almost done, its awesome. Spencer played us one of his favorite comedy CDS
yea, Martin Lawrence. Wasnt good. Really dated material. If you go back and listen to Denis Leary's No Cure For Cancer, it still fucking rules. This had terrible jokes and it was boring
Sweet comedy topics too! I was reading the thanks list and was shocked to see this
"... and the lady in my life Lark Vorhees". I had no clue he dated Lisa Turtle. I did the math, and at the time he was 28 and she was 19. Just thought it was weird. We went to pizza hut afterwords
chomped Za. thats about it...

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