Friday, December 31, 2010

SNOW 2010

Tuesday December 28th. Garage door snow drift. It took us awhile to even open the door to the shop.
I walked out to get the back ho started, heres a side shit of the drift
brutal snow drifts in brigantineim talking brutal snow drifts
our shop
drove to my ma's house and shoveled her out on Monday after I dug my car out.
the apartment complex was bad, this was about 10 pm sunday night December 26th.
back door Monday morning
hand shoveled my car out, took about an hour of steady digging. We didnt have a shovel, so walked up to a women and made her a deal. Told her I'd clean her car out if she lets us borrow her shovel.
when I came back, they plowed the snow in our spots, neat
I didnt mind it, even though it was mucho work

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