Monday, January 31, 2011

WW2 Gas Mask

Such a moron when I was a kid, I found my grandpops ww2 duffel bag and took his canteen, his zippo and his gas mask. I played with those things like they were toys, and I thought I lost everything. When they sold my grandmoms house, I wasnt told untill everything inside was trashed or given away. I was bummed cause I would have wanted to snag all the old ww2 stuff. Well the other day I actually found his gas mask
Im happy I have his war photo album, his 1897 indian head penny cuff links, a Buddha statue he bought in china and now this gas mask.

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Nicole said...

I have a very odd collection of family items including paintings of family members done by two of my great aunts. It is kind of wacky, but I really treasure those items.