Sunday, April 3, 2011

Face Without Fear Recording [2000]

Face Without Fear - Talk is Cheap/Blood For Blood.mp3

Thank you to Spencer for ripping this to MP3. He is the only one that was interested in hearing it back in the day and burned a CD of the songs. Its crazy he still has it. Thank you again
This was a short lived project band I was in.

Vocals: James Allen
Guitar: Brett Kaplan
Drums: Art Howard
Bass: Me

We made 2 original songs, practiced twice but ended up not following through. This recording is of us covering Bold-Talk Is Cheap and a sloppy version of Spirit of 88-Blood For Blood (no, not the controversial racist band, this was a local band from the mid 90s who released a 7inch on Back Ta Basic records and one on Gut Punch Records). As you can tell, we never really intended to release this, the Bold song sounds good, but the other song Art didnt know that well so it came out slop. Its crazy listening back to this, a lot of fun, goodtimes.

Check Spencers blog !!

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