Saturday, April 23, 2011

Woodstock 94 VHS

Let me just say, almost all the bands are pretty terrible. I mean Blues Travelers are what they are...shit... but its listenable. I think out of the entire VHS, the only bands that ruled were Primus, Green Day and Collective Soul.
Now when I say Collective Soul ruled... I mean RULED. I sound like such a loser, but when they played they had such a full sound. Maybe it was because Sheryl Crow played before them and she was complete dog shit, but I doubt that was it.
I kept telling everyone how awesome their set was.... 17 years to late to be that excited about a Collective Soul set. I sent a text to Derm while I was watching it:

Me: Its pretty sad that Melissa Etheridge was more enjoyable than Rollins Band
Derm: I have a feeling people who like Rollins Band are Liars...
Derm: And I just realized that statement is funny. I swear

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