Sunday, July 5, 2015

Roof Top Show

I played a show on Spencers roof. He played solo No Summer and so did Cold Lungs and Brian Mcgee. It was the first show I ever played solo. Super nervous. Don from Cold Lungs and I both agreed to only play 3 songs. Spencer and Brian played full entertaining sets. Im so glad I played and I thank Spencer for asking me to play. If it was anyone else I probably wouldnt have done it. Nieves took this picture and was super supportive. I cooked chicken and cheese fried burrito/quesadillas and they were all eaten in 5 mins. I wont forget this night. Plus on the ride home I was so tired I was seeing things and flashes of purple. I should have let Nieves drive because she was wide awake.

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colleen alexander said...

I miss this night.I wish it could be my groundhogs day! Welcome back to blogger life. I've missed ya! <3Colleen