Saturday, May 20, 2017


Melissa had a show in philly today, they had a bunch of foodtrucks lined up. We decided to try the ones that were smaller, not as snazzy and not getting that many customers.
First was 2 Street Sammies
$7 Roasted pulled pork w/broccoli rabe italian long hot peppers and prov mozz cheddar w/ bourbon bbq sauce 
Everything in this sandwich was amazing, really enjoyed the bread it was served on too. Pork was moist, rabe wasnt bitter, everything went together really well and just tasted perfect. People missed out if they didnt get a chance to try it
Second was Bolsa Tacos
$9 ($3 each) Steak Chicken Pork
Hard to mess up tacos and they didnt. Nothing really to say except they tasted good and everything was fresh.

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