Friday, December 19, 2014

Work stuff

We made a trench and it collapsed
 bummed me out.
we were not able to finish today.


I bought this.
Go buy things!!

Sorry for the lack of posts [UPDATE]

I met a truly amazing person. Her name is Nieves. I made a profile on the Ok Cupid dating site with no intentions on meeting anyone. I figured just make a profile, see what happens and keep expectations low. One day I get a message that says "Shore mall over Hamilton mall, you need to explain this". The person sending this was a very cute girl with glasses. I read her profile and it said she plays bass and graduated from the ACCC culinary school. Now if anyone knows me they know how much I love to cook and that I enjoy playing bass. I wrote her a message back and explained my obsession with the grime of the mall. She sent something witty back that made me laugh so I made the bold move to ask her out. I told her my intentions were honorable and that I was interested in meeting as soon as possible. She didnt respond back. I wrote her that I was sorry I was moving so fast and she said she wanted to get to know me more before we met. The conversation wasn't consistent on the site so I thought she wasn't interested. I was bummed. I kept the profile but wasnt interested in anyone else besides her. One day I get a message from her saying " Im deactivating my account heres my number if you want to text". I put her number in my phone and deleted my account. Our first date was November 12th, we met at the shore mall at 3:24. We walked around talking for almost an hour getting to know each other. She asked what tattoo I had was the weirdest and I told her either the Chicken leg tattoo or my Zoom tattoo. I started explaining Zoom to her and she stopped me. She knew exactly what it was and she used to watch it all the time. I havent been this happy in a really long time. Just thinking of her gives me a huge smile I cant get rid of.
She is the best and Im so lucky she is in my life. We made it offical on Wednesday the 17th. Our schedules are the only issue. She works till 8pm and Im asleep or exhausted by then. I will work on it, I dont want to mess this up. Im not sure if you heard about the door test from the movie Bronx Tale. 
fast forward to 1:55
well she did the exact opposite and locked the door on me. When I unlocked it, she did it again. I think that means more to me than the Bronx Tale test. She is amazing

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Neph Hang

shore mall
quality time

Shrimp Dip

Thanksgiving appetizer. Came out pretty good.

A Dark Room [iPad]
Ok so I downloaded this game and played it about 30 mins every night before I would go to bed. It was a lot of fun, very challenging. There are no shortcuts to getting more supplies [teeth, scales, fur] and no in-app purchases. I kind of like that, you cant buy your way to beating the game. 
its all text, no pictures no animations. I found out that its for free on the internet, So if you're bored and want to give it a try go for it. Im not sure if it saves your progress though online. 
Give it a chance, Dont just play for 5 mins and say "stupid, where are the graphics", give it a good honest try. It bummed me out when I completed it, I wish it could have been longer. A lot of fun.

Minor Treat / Fudge

Hung out with Spencer and Joel and we were thinking of old school hardcore bands we could turn into ice cream, candy related things. I made the pictures.