Monday, May 21, 2018

1998 Holy Spirit High School

Mahalloween Kālua Pig

Hurt Hawk

We had some gnarly snow this year

Blackhorse Pike

Mothers day

ma aunt grand

Plaza Sign/Castle Commercial

I still sing this song a lot but have NO IDEA what that women sings at that one part. "Baby Baby Dorino"? no idea. Still love it though


Bridesburg, PA

Food Mascots

I know its sad and weird but I think its cool that companys use mascots in 2018. Saw these on the Ocean City NJ boardwalk
I like the not so mainstream mascots best. Shrivers Taffy or Yoccos Hot Dog
I mean McDonalds was all about Ronald and his homeboys back in the 80s.
I guess the push to rid the kid friendly luring mascots was a 1990s marketing move. I remember kids in my town having their birthdays at McDonalds.

I thought those kids were so rich, could you imagine if a kid wanted that today? shunned and cyber bullied for life

Excavator Fire