Sunday, July 30, 2017

Pic by Melissa

Pit Barrel Ribs

 They came out perfect

loud proud and punk

thank you to Shawn Gorman for the picture. 1999 or 2000?

Gilbert Gottfried in Hammonton NJ

Pretty cool venue to be honest. Its called the Kathedral and its located in Hammonton NJ.
They gutted a church and turned it into a really nice place to see a show. The sound system was really good. First time seeing Gilbert.
I was very entertained and enjoyed it but didnt laugh out loud hard or anything. I went up to him after the show and said "What no Georgie Jessel impression?" he laughed and we took this picture.
After that he signed my book and started doing the Georgie Jessel impression. I told him it made my night.
If you get a chance, see him but you'll only be able to see him once because from what Im told, its the same bit, nothing changes. Thank you to Melissa for an amazing birthday gift

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hoppin' Halapenos (Yelp Review)

Turds on the menu? Had to investigate. First I'd like to say, excellent name to draw a laugh and curiosity. I asked one of the cooks what a turd was and they filled me in. JalapeƱo stuffed with seasoned cream cheese wrapped in bacon. I'm not all about this bacon craze that bacon needs to be on everything but with a name like that, I had to try.  These turds were delicious. Bacon was crisp, jalapeƱos were the perfect texture of soft and slightly firm, cream cheese was what topped it off. $6 for five or six Turds and chips is an excellent deal. I will be returning.

2 Unique Board Games, What One Did I Buy?

Seriously cant wait to play it.