Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kali Kazoo - Contrary To Popular Belief

Really digging this album. Extremely enjoyable and fun. I preordered the limited vinyl run and just got the download code. I love the recording quality of the album, the vocals are so smooth and warm. The music is perfect and mixed excellent. The whole album just sounds so tight and flawless. I love the songs. Merry Go Round has a slight bossa nova feel to it and its amazing. I have a strong feeling she wrote these songs with the band because they are constructed to be played with a band. Everything compliments each other, its such a pleasure to listen. Jump The Gun is up there with one of my favorite songs on the album. Seriously check it out, I cant wait till she tours this album, its going to be amazing. Top songs:

4. Creature
6, Merry Go Round
9. Jump The Gun

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fairuza Balk [half peace sign]

At the end of "Return to Oz Special edition VHS"
creepiest movie

Nofx [Philly]

Ive always wanted to see them play, Im happy they didnt disappoint. 
Been a fan ever since I bought my brother "Ribbed" for Christmas one year. One of my favorite songs is "The Death Of John Smith" and they played it. The Adventures show is still at the top of my list though. This is in my top 5.

Veronica Ortuno

Ive posted about her before
Download her radio shows:

theyre old but they rule


Monday, July 20, 2015

Berlin Market/Hang 7/19/2015

So Brooke and I drove up together and caught up, I havent seen her since March. It was a good time and a lot of fun. She got me some pretty righteous birthday gifts too
We met Joel and his girlfriend Kate at the Berlin Market.
She bought us all waters, was seriously awesome to hang out and talk with. Her Seinfeld trivia is a little weak but I think we could have a pretty good trivia game.
No one was really looking for anything, they just kept walking without looking at tables. Its funny I still keep an eye out for certain things. This is a 1975 711 Jaws Cup and I thought it was pretty cool. 
The guy said he didnt want to sell it cause it was dirty but I didnt really care, $2, so what.  For some reason Im also into 1990s late 1980s advertising. Why? I dont know! 
I dont know why I bought these, I got three for under $5 and gave one to Joel. As I was walking away I saw this Worf pin. Now like I've said before, Im not a Star Trek fan but Worf interests me. Its an enamel pin from 1990. 
I love it. We drove back, I dropped Brooke off, Joel, Kate and I met up later. We were driving around and Kate said "Lets break into an abandoned building". We were right near the abandoned Atlantic Electric and I've always wanted to check it out. We went over there and just walked around outside.
Joel was freaking out so we ended up leaving pretty quick before we found a way in. We did find a sweet place to advertise though
it was a pretty gnar time. Heres what the inside looks like