Friday, November 23, 2012

Way off iTunes, way off

I bought des arks album dont rock the boat, sink the fucker off iTunes. This is what they suggest i should buy next. neat

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Found this

very choice bear head
cleaning up around the course, found this in the reeds... keeping

Pie Try

This is the first pie I ever tried to make, 
I know it looks terrible but give me a break. It came out kinda good, not great, just good
its a custard apple pie, this girl I knew in high school saved me a slice from her thanksgiving and brought it in for me so I could try it. Her name was Missy Mendelson, she was awesome....

does anyone care

A C R C hang

 Joels only logical bet.. all the others had terrible odds.
none of them ended up hitting

Monday, November 12, 2012

"Its called a whirlybird dad"

flying low over the course today, snapped this pic.

found this too

not a fan of the trek but those questions seem impossible

Family Pictures I Found

I found this picture on Friday Nov 2nd
I started thinking of all the pictures people lost and couldnt be replaced... so any picture I found I saved. If anyone knows anyone let them know they're at the maintenance building at the golf course.
 picture of the second hole
found these two pictures
 then found the entire set
 this rules
 some dirt bike event
 the pager on the hip
 Im guessing this is a green card
Im sorry to the person who lost this Dionne Warwick autographed picture.. Im taking it.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Best Shirt

bands kinda sloppy, but their shirt rules.

Sandcastle Cupcakes/Katie - My Condolences

Im so sorry for your loss. One of the best bakery/cupcake places in south jersey with a high quality product, was lost in the storm. I dont know what else to say but its really a bummer.


Bought my nephew a pea coat 

Found these

Cleaning out my email inbox

Best Pool Sign

all i need is a pool