Saturday, October 30, 2010

South Jersey Pooper Scoopers
How many trucks does this company need? Honestly. This picture means they at least have a minimum of 20...
How? how does a business like this thrive, but the Sonic in Somers Point closes after one year of being open?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

VHS doc
kinda rules,
i know this is posted everywhere, but its easier to get it from mediafire
video take from here
Rick Healy talking about how he moshes hard.
change the name of the file so no one would find it in a mediafire search

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i was looking through this shit book I made, saw those 2 pics below, thought I'd post em, brought back memories...
good and bad

old pic

me frank tara derm adam

old O.C. apt

wish I had the original
me derm leek rosemary

Taylor Leppard


Attitude Videos
Stupidest name but actually kinda cool. This blog has live performances, band dvd rips from a wide selection of bands...and I mean wide. Heres to list a few:

Kittie-Spit in your eye dvd rip
The First Step-final show 2008 dvd
Monsters of Rock Moscow 91 (metallica, ac/dc, pantera, black crows)
Converge-Long road home 2003 dvd rip
Government Issue-1983 Philly
Fugazi-Instrument dvd rip
Operation Ivy-First show

its all megaupload thats the only problem. If these links dont work goto the website and download from there. Rules

rain rain

rain some more
dont stop raining
drown us all


most of their songs arent that good, and Im not really a fan of all their cover songs. But this song is actually kinda good.

actually this song kinda rules too...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dog Shit Music [not worth the hyperlink]
get over yourselves...

To stop those monsters 1-2-3,
Here's a fresh new way that's trouble-free,
It's got Paul Anka's guarantee...
Guarantee void in Tennessee.

Just don't look! Just don't look!
Just don't look! Just don't look!
Just don't look! Just don't look!

Spanish Style

Friday, October 22, 2010

[Snow] why not....

Snow looks like hes straight outta galloway. His album went platinum in the U.S. and triple platinum in Canada. How? He did call his first LP 12 inches of Snow, thats kinda funny...he came out in 93' and released a greatest hits in 97'...?....he also collaborated with Cyndi Lauper...

still terrible...

California Comic Con Pictures

Klingons, Lee Majors, Stan Lee, Weirdos.
The guy who took all these pictures had a Flickr account but now its down and that "Hes no longer active". Thank god I saved these.


I responded to all your comments thank you for the leaving them. PLEASE BLOG MORE!!!!! June 30th was your last post... seriously?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fast Forward :35 seconds. acceptance



My brother and his ex wife bought a dog, they split, she kept the dog, but she didnt have a place to stay. She asked my mom if she could watch the dog while she looked for a new place. This dog never really liked me. So we had problems everyday. She would try and bite me, when I let her outside she wouldnt come back in. Constant problems. Finally we bonded, and we were cool. She treated our house with respect, no peeing on the floor and no shitting in our shoes. I helped my mom watch this dog for about 2 months, it was pretty much the new family dog. Then outta no were, my brothers ex calls and says she wants her dog back because "shes not letting anyone keep her dog that she paid 800$ for". So she comes by and picks up the dog. Lulu is happy to see her old family. The next day my brothers Ex calls and says

"She forced her self out of the metal cage, her face is all cut up, she ate through the TV cord and she took a shit in every room in the house, can you watch her until I figure out what to do"
thats my dog.... my brothers ex couldnt handle Lulu so she gave her away. bummed

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Chi Chis Salsa Commercial]

when I was a kid thought this commercial was soo awesome

still kinda rules. I dont think I ever dipped a chip like that women does at 17 seconds.

just downloaded this...

I remember a couple years ago I kept telling people, "Remember that band Goldfinger? I want that self titled CD for christmas or my birthday". I said it 2 years in a row and never got it... album rules.


Is there a reptile aspect of bestiality? First tongue kissing and then what? I bet when he grows up that iguana will be aiming for the fly on his Jeans ... ohh snap


First off, I hate when people say Gear-rows or Guy-rows. I know they're supposed to be pronounced that way, but dont act cool when I say it Gyro (Ji-row) and you say "no no no its Gear-row". I've really been down with chomping out on some of that greek grindage lately. I enjoy my gyro with chicken though, its not that I dont like goat, I just enjoy chicken more. This place in the Shore Mall RULES! #8 Chicken Ka-bob (chicken gyro), Fries, Soda 8.95$. The only problem is the pickles taste like they were pickled in urine. Im talking serious pickle piss taste.


Oreo Cookies with Cake Icing, thats what it tastes like. Worthless gross crud


this warning is awesome. It shows a shock demon killing a kid.



Its awesome to have a practice/rehearsal spot this close. Big Rooms, good sound, Its 20$ an hour, they provide Amps, drums, cymbals, everything but the drum sticks, bass, and guitar. They also have pictures of famous people in the front office.
I dont think the saxophone player from the East Street Band is considered famous, but he was up there crushing some white guys hand with a "fuck this guy" smile.

Yo Kid Rock...

Do we really need to know the true story behind Bawitdaba?


Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Depot, Hamilton Mall

stop by, say hi
he looks like eugene levy indian style...

No more App Posts

seriously angering to read the post below... WHO CARES.

Pic2Shop App

Tried one of those barcode scanner apps, and the one I got sucks. It was free but still I want my money back.

I thought, lets try something easy
Followed directions
I was surprised it scanned it so quick and it was searching for the product

What me Juggle? Presenting the first Gospel Juggling video for kids. suck product... big time

Borna Sammak Art

I met Borna along time ago, hes a really great person and a good friend. He is the only person to hear my fake band "Rosa Parks and the Back Of The Bus Trio". No matter how long it is between seeing each other, we pick up right where we left off. He won some drum off at Warped Tour one year, and kept bragging about it. Now he does art, and this is what he should be bragging about... I really enjoy his work a lot.
::pictures used as reference::
Bornas Art

[New Land Of Talk Release]

Cloak and Cipher. Check it basket case

fast forward to 0 :44

new song quarry hymns,
not to be confused with Corey Haim
~ Elizabeth Powell

Friday, October 15, 2010

This Is England 86' [TV Mini Series]

Its a four part TV sequal to the movie "This is england".

I havent watched them yet but I have the 4 episodes in my mediafire. Kinda souped to watch it...


the sizes for these shoes should stop at 8. no one with a size 10 to 14 foot should be wearing these hot kicks.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It must be tax season cause Im writing off old friends like they're a business expense.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some tattoos actually arent that bad. Most of them though... are really bad. Vote on ones you hate and ones you love...


last 3 post were music related downloads


Jay - Micro-Recorder Songs

found my old mini cassette recorder I used to use for remembering songs and melodies. These are actually kinda good. Stress on KINDA.
1.Alaska demo (original first recording)
2.No need for me
3.Track 1 (its me spencer and my cousin just playing some lame riff, but on the tape my nephews record over some stuff in the middle and start talking on it)

if youre bored download it. Its kinda cool

Bretts Answering Machine 2005/2006 recordings

I used to call Brett and leave long annoying messages. I posted this up before but the link is dead, so I re-upped it.

16 tracks of annoyingness, some are actually kinda funny.

wicked blunts and bunts, you know baseball style.

thank you Brett for recording these to mp3.

iPhone ringtones

Most of them I use as an alarm. I have 20 alarms set up for me to wake up in the morning. I set different ones every other day, one or two mins from when they went off the day before so my brain doesnt get used to the same routine tunes. Most of them are soft singing girls or upbeat numbers cause I like slowly waking up, not being shaken awake by a hard rocking metal or rock group. So gimme a break on some lame bands and tunes.


Down To Nothing - Yah Yah ( Hem Hem 7inch)
Des Ark - Two Hearts Are Better Than One (live recordings)
Tiny Vipers - The Downward ( hands across the void)
Trapped Under Ice - Soul Vice (demo)
Tim and Eric - Snuggler 8 bit
Down To Nothing - Shot Down ( split )
Denali - Relief ( s/t)
David Bowie - Rebel Rebel (?)
Raj Brar - Punjab (?)
Rilo Kiley - Pictures of Success (take offs and landings)
Tim and Eric - One for Pep Pep
Carry on - Off My Chest (life less plagued)
Rilo Kiley - My Slumbering Heart (The Execution of all things)
Sharon Van Etten - Much More Than That (s/t)
Title Fight - Memorial Field (kingston 7inch)
David Liebe Hart - Hello this is David Liebe Hart (tim and eric)
Land of talk - Magnetic Hill (l'aventure Acoustique)
Des Ark - Lord of the ring his fascist... (live)
Tiny Vipers - Life on earth (life on earth)
Carry on - Killing a sound (Life less plagued)
Land Of Talk - Its Okay ( summer lake)
Now now every children - Friends with my sister ( cars)
Denali - French Mistake (s/t)
Stars - Elevator love letter (?)
Rilo Kiley - Dreamworld (under the blacklight)
Tim and Eric - Dirty Socks (tim and eric)
Righteous Jams - Bust It ( rage of discipline)
Jumpercable - Bricks (unreleased)
A to Z - Big ben ( covering Tim and Eric)
James Quall - Beach Blast (tim and eric)
Tiny Vipers - Aron (hands across the void)
Rilo Kiley - After Hours ( velvet underground cover)
Rilo Kiley - 85 (initial friends)
Kaki King - Saving Days in a frozen head (dream of revenge)
Kaki King - Life being what it is (dream of revenge)

Raj Brar, Righteous Jams, Down to nothing - shot down, Tim and Eric- dirty socks

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tegan and Sara shirt

Found this the other day in the attic. I think this shirt design rules real hard.

Perry Pillowcase

Perry did the artwork for the Jumpercable CD. I wanted to send him this kinda as an extra thanks for doing an awesome job.
I found this website that made pillowcases, and put this painting he did of Gene Simmons eating pizza in Kiss makeup. I never got to send it to him and I just found it in the attic the other day. Here is his Photobucket with more of his FARTWORK. Perry if you want it, its yours.