Saturday, March 31, 2012

Andrew Jace - Andrew No Likey

new song

No No No
Andrew No Likey Thaty
No Way
Andrew No Likey Thaty
No Way

No No No
Andrew No Likey Thaty
No Way
Andrew No Likey Thaty
No Way

Its no chicken wing... but we had fun making it

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Screenshots from from the DVDs

Enjoyed all the school projects on the one DVD, the only thing I didnt enjoy was the video loops just because they were alittle long. In Person DVD ruled really really hard, special features and the extras were so awesome. Just a great product all together.
If anyone is interested in watching these, let me know, I will rewatch them again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Absecon style


Free frosty card

Free frosty with any purchase. Yes... its that small.

Stephen Altobello [ other projects ]

Got in contact with Stephen through email. He actually sent me his "In Person" project and student films from 1989 to 1990.
just got them, havent had a chance to watch, really looking forward to it. Will post more later after watching... not gonna lie, pretty souped.
-Thanks again Stephen

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure [ The Future Council ]

Was watching Bill and Teds excellent adventure at work on friday, I thought the dude looked like Clarence Clemons from the East Street Band
it is.....RIP
I know Im probably late to the game with this info but if you didnt know... now you do.

711 [ Nachos]

Never in my life have I had 711 nachos. I never really searched them out in the store and never had the urge to eat nachos. For some reason the other day I was thinking "why dont they have nachos anymore at 711". The next day I found them right next to the cheese and chili dispenser. i would most def get again

Richardson Magazine

Harmony Korine is in A5, had to buy.
its a real raunchy publication

Water style

.69$ store

Safair Menu

I went to buy kangaroo with Brooke and they didnt have. They told us they should have some by Easter. Pretty souped to try that and alligator...

Windjammer, Somers Point NJ

Pretty good

Gilbert Dice

Howard: Talk to me about gay comedy, where do you perform gay comedy
Gay Jaffe: Up in providence...
Gilbert Dice: In the mens room Ooohhhhh

Howard: This is the first show to expose gay comedy
Gilbert Dice: Hey thats the only thing I want them to expose Ooohhhhh

Gay Jaffe: I dont know if I can say this on the air but the other day ya know he farted
Robin: That was the first time in front of you?
Gilbert Dice: Whats that like a mating call Ooohhhhhhh

NES SNES [Sountracks(mp3)]

Brett told me about this site. Audio ripped straight from the game, its honestly awesome to listen to music from the games I enjoyed when I was a kid. Download entire game soundtracks from the site..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pathmark Pleasantville, NJ *CLOSED*

The meat department stunk, Im not trying to sound rebellious, it honestly was disgusting. It finally closed down a week or so ago.


nothing like a nice ice cold pop to drink
stop saying pop...say soda...thanks

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Daylight music video

holy shit 1994 all over again... really really enjoy this song a lot.
only thing that sucks is that after this video and recording bowes was replaced on drums.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Christmas in NJ [dec 92 - jan 93]

This is another project done by Stephen Altobello. Im really enjoying this guys projects a lot

Click on link to see the website and more pics:
Back Story:
I graduated film school in the third week of December, 1992. I went home to the suburbs of southern New Jersey, where after four years away in New York, I was both an insider and an outsider. Feeling restless and aimless, I decided to document the faces of the area, as well as the nativity scenes and holiday lawn fixtures that had fascinated me my whole life.

During the day, I visited diners, marts, bowling alleys, skating rinks, dance halls, etc. Every photo I took was with the kind permission of the subjects. Also, I snuck up on random lawns and porches, getting as close as possible to the faded Jesus, Mary and Josephs. I took hundreds of pictures and developed them as 3x5 prints at the local ShopRite. At night, I’d lay them out, making the diptychs and triptychs you see on this site. Not a single picture was taken with a conscious idea to pair it with another.

I bought a photo album—-a scrapbook, really-—from a Montgomery Ward, affixed the pictures via FunTak, and finished it a few days into 1993. I never made any changes to it, although I’d pull it out every holiday season to show new friends and co-workers. Typically, their response was a mixture of “Whut?!” and “...Whoa,” which made me wish this could reach a wider audience.

Stephen Altobell [ subway assignment 1990 ]

This VHS ruled. It was shot using a 16mm. He goes into the subway and talks to the people trying to work/beg for money. This guy played bass, sung, played harmonica and played a hi-hat and bass drum
It was done so awesome. I actually liked it so much I called his phone number. Just a shot in the dark, I mean 22 years at the same number? Well he picked up. I let him know how much I enjoyed it. He was kinda blown away that it still existed. I said " just wanted to let you know thats all" and he said " wow, thank you, good karma I guess, ok take care ". He seemed very genuine. I looked up what else hes done, and he did this documentary of Frank Sinatra fans... seriously rules too.. part 2 is my favorite
look him up on IMDB. I guess he added an O to the end of his name. One of the best Goodwill finds ever I think..

Monday, March 5, 2012

Trash meal

I dont judge

reverse cam iphone 4s

shit resolution

Tryna Sell...Anyone wanna buy?

I seriously have zero need for these records.

title fight - kingston - flight plan records - blue/100 - first press
deathwish singles - deathwish records ltd - 194/500
the beatles - lady madonna - japan import
records not scratched... has a hair on it

.69$ [Toilet Paper]

Bought the alien TP for Spencer and bought the Beavis and Butthead for Brett
couldnt pass it up.


very interested to see this
this should rule

Walk [Nephew]

Tagged his name with a water bottle that had a small hole in the bottom.
saw this E.C.A. tag too