Friday, May 30, 2008

Cleaning up my desk at work

I found all these pencil drawings I did when I was REALLY bored in the summer last year. When I was waiting to water the fairways and greens I just started drawing things. I think Im gonna start drawing more when Im bored at work, I think some of these drawings are kinda gnar. whatevs...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hole #2

this is what we did today, not 100% happy with it, but I think if we grab some yuka plants and put them on the right side of the middle rock wall and mound it up with rocks, it would look gnarly. Only problem is how the hell would it get water?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nill and Freds Mexilant Adversary

I was watching Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, the actor who plays Socrates is awesome. I think hes the funniest dude in the movie. These are the two parts of the movie that need to be highlighted. Beethoven laughing looking for whats playing the music, and Socrates acting/laughing/ saying geek. When billy the kid kicks the chair out, look at how Socrates looks at the chair.. its just gnar acting in my book.. my book of lame things I like... I love it

My nephew and I chilled with weekend

This kid is da bomb. We sang the Sire song over and over again and made fun of Italians. He squeezed peoples cheeks like an Italian grandmom and said "Pizza-Pie, Italian, Ohhh". Hes really funny already, I think hes gonna be a brutal dude when he grows up.

Spent the whole day spraying today

did the rest of the back nine fairways, did around the fairways spraying the pre-emerge. When I was cleaning out the sprayer.. I pulled a fucking new jack move, I forgot to take the hose off the sprayer and broke it off the snap valve. such a rookie move. So my whole day of spraying and getting shit done, was tainted cause I fucking had a mind laps and fucked the hose/snap valve up. lame! heres a picture of trapper

Dirty Mirror work dude

this was taken 01/17/08 when we were redoing all the fairway bunkers. I enjoyed the cold weather out on the course this year, like I do every year. Just wish it was colder.. wormz

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008


This is a picture of a hole a 11, the course is really looking good and really looking green. Monday will be hell, gonna be busier than a hot slut on hot slutz day.
we put crushed shells on the one side of the rock wall we built, now they want to put shells on the front side too. I think Im going to have to say something cause I think its going to look horrible. Maybe large rocks lining the cartpath, and bunker sand in the middle.
heres a post of the course dog sleeping on a rabbit. The dog would not shut up, the day before I found this thing called Mr Playboy in someones trash.I thought it would be ebay gold... it wasnt. So I saved it, and when the dog was crying I took it out and put it on the ground near it, 2 mins later, it fell asleep.
just needed some fur on fur action

1 dead babe 1 cry babe

I was watching a something on E! and it had the two stories about these two people. I saw left eye, and forgot how much of a babe she was. Honestly she is a trot nixon.

Then this story, I remember being in grade school when this happened. Nancy Kerrigan is major babe.
these posts are so lame

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sticker for Shawn Gorman

still up at Sharon Zhengs 2 in EHT Nj. Memories of when Ross joined the band, When we all got jumped in Vineland and when Paul stole all my jokes.

may 20th


Monday, May 19, 2008

Limb Clouds

looks like a screamo band poster or album cover...

Aeration pics April 08

First let me say it was COLD that day. the first two pictures of the first breakdown on 5, as you can see the piece of metal that looks like a "C" is supposed to look like an "O", so it was jumping around and didnt mess the green up, just made a little rut the size of notebook.
Tom and Gary fixing the aerator on 5 it was honestly like a 2 1/2 hour fix. All of us standing there...TOOK SO LONG
Got most of the top dressing down on the 6th green, but we needed to do a few passes with the aerator, and guess whatBREAKDOWN! All in all, we broke down 5 times on the front 9. These are the pictures from the April aeration, I had more, but they took up so much room on my phone I had to delete them. Whatevs

an horse

but you said I’m out on a ledge
come stand with me
I need the company
I need the company

Links at brigantine Updates

the one lf3400 fairway mower broke down, and to stay ahead of all the play, I decided to cut the 16th fairway with the GK4 (machine that cuts the tee-boxes). I actually like the way it looks better then cutting with a fairway mower. cant beat them straight lines...
Second, they are really fucking up Roosevelt, all the work they're doing is for the new homes they're building on east/north shore drive right near the clubhouse. The thing I dont understand, they had the whole winter to do it, and they do it now when we have all the play. check out how things are coming along...NEAT!
Other then that everything else is going well. The russian kids we have do not understand English whatsoever. They dont even make an effort to learn.. it sucks. The polish kids we had last year made an effort to talk in english, and learn the ways of a golf course. Whatever, heres a picture of Trapper to end out the update blog...wormz

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

playing Remote Control, oh yes, I won. Not that hard.. some questions about early 80s shows kinda caught me off guard, but still rawled.


Just found pics I took with my Razor like last year. The quality is not that good, but I think they're pretty gnar. These were taken on the golf coure, the first picture is the 13th hole looking at the 11th hole. The second picture is a picture of the practice green looking towards the first fairway


Deathbeds - sample 1 -
Deathbeds - sample 2 -

check em, check em

anyone want to go.. I'll give gas money

really want to see his art show, if anyone is down with going hit me up, I'll give gas money, tolls, and pay for food chomping. LETS DO IT!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Duckman Artist Everett Peck

This is some of his sketchbook work, you can see the duckman style drawing in alot of his sketches. I got the bootlegged duckman DVDs and they are awesome, it took about 3 months for me to get them from DVDDonkey but I got them none the less. The site takes awhile to make and send the product out.


2 orders of Large Fries
50 wings
2 hamburgers with fries
2 2liters

I ate 28 wings, the burger and fries.. but not the big order of fries...thats right, Im an extreme pig, this will never happen again....

I tried something new with the waste bunker on 18

Im not gonna do it again, but I honestly think it looks gnar, I mean its a waste bunker who cares. Next time I'll rake the whole thing, THEN do this, I think that would look awesome. anyway, thats all..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

so tired...

dont feel like posting.. whatevs. I got the DVDs, but I didnt get a chance to watch them, here is a sample of one of the best songs I think is going to be on the dvd..


Monday, May 12, 2008


I've been putting off watching this movie, and I dont know why. I bought it but never had time to watch and enjoy. This movie was amazing, its one of the best things I've seen in awhile. Its worth the money. Its about a kid who doesnt fit in, finds out he has adhd, starts taking pills, becomes head of the debate team, and blah blah blah. Its really really fucking good just check the trailer

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Drop Out Year

I heard the name, but never heard the band. wow, very impressive, why this band isnt signed, I have no idea. give em a listen, let me know what you think


So spencer and I rolled up to the OC boardwalk last night to meet up with mad dudes and chill for a second. Yelling at OC High prom kids, and throwing trash in an empty pool, time really went by kinda fast. At the end of the night, Murro wanted us to hear his new band. Holy shit, honestly. Listening to it, I was waiting to get bored, waiting to say come on next song, or this isnt that good. That never happened. Fucking tight-ass doom riffs, that are melodic plus super hard, and murros voice made the unmastered release amazing. Not the shrilly Bad Blood vox he used to do, but newer, deeper sinister vocals. I enjoyed it alot, it can grab a bunch of people from different music likes, from hardcore, to metal, to fucking doom dope smokers. The mastered shit is going to have people shitting all over the world. I really liked it, cant wait for this release, they havent posted a song yet but here is their myspace:

stephanie from top chef 4

t-nixon + funny = Stephanie


Saturday, May 10, 2008

get ready to get angry

Why does he get a star? WHY? He has done nothing in a movie beside monsters ball.
Remember when getting a star meant something, not just give to anyone for any reason.
There are stars that are out there that still dont have their own star, and he gets his for being a producer??? I mean honestly Sherwood Schwartz who made "giligans island" and "brady bunch" is just getting his star this year!
Now I agree Kermit the Frog shouldnt have got a star..but at least that scum hand puppet was in movies and made a difference that wasnt negative.
I guess this really bothers me because this post is long.. whatever.
check the list of all the celebs and you tell me if he fits in.. LIST

Friday, May 9, 2008

Heey Jhey

when I was young I remember this musical.. I only remember it cause my pops said it reminded him of the being stationed in vietnam and my grandmom and grandpop would sing this song all the time like weirdos. Pretty much this is what my dads life is about, meeting young Asian girls, and macking it with with them.. lame

hello storm

rain.. she be a coming

Thursday, May 8, 2008

battleship hat, gloves, braces, marti gras beads, 8th grade moustache, gnar shades

you call him weird I call him friendly. Who tries to eat pizza with their tongue and lower lip? him

screen shot of someones photobucket

someone forgot to close the j-o window before they took the screenshot... ELIOS!

squirrels eating pizza

This is the second best picture I saw of squirrels eating pizza. The best picture I saw was in the vice photo book. It has a picture of a squirrel up in a tree eating a slice of pizza.. it ruled.. hard.