Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas Vacation Porcelain Set

Not a fan of things like this but honestly this is pretty righteous.


I made them

Big Top Pee-Wee [1988]

Boardwalk [Nephew]

Shore Mall/Harbor Square EHT NJ [Boscovs Renovation]

Driving down black horse pike and saw they changed the sign of the mall to "Harbor Square". I stopped in to take a look. I asked a worker what the plan was and she said, they're turning the entrance of the mall near TGI Fridays into an entrance to boscovs. They're turning the corridor into the actual store. They've enlarged the furniture department too, its gigantic.
Ill take a picture of the new sign next time Im there.

Naked Gun [1988]

 Hey! Its Enrico Pallazzo!
... and you, came down here to get the hot story, didnt you? pictures of me to sell your lousy news papers. sure you think im a big hero, man of the hour, well, do any of you understand how a man can hurt inside?
Frank they're not here for you.... Weird Al Yankovics on the plane

watched with my nephew (fast forwarded through the raunch), hands down has to be in my top 10 favorite movies. Whats upsetting is that some scenes are cut out. Im guessing it has to be for time. Thats the only thing that really bums me out.

Tuesdays With Tay

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Finished the Bridge on 8

Just back filled and put rocks down. 

Bought gas under 3$ today

Ohhh schnell yea

Wawa Limited Sizzli : French Toast Sausage Egg and Cheese

Tried this the other day and really enjoyed it.
I like the pancake sizzli but I dont like the texture of the pancake. The french toast is perfect
the one problem is that its not as sweet as the pancake sizzli. Its sweet but really low key. All around great breakfast sandwich
 Very choice

Argo Tea

The marketing of the product got me. The the quality of the product though is trash. The honey tea tasted like honey that was sitting out and got crystallized. The ginger tea had floating debris in it, obviously ginger. So much ginger that it was bordering on hot. Expensive dirt water, dont buy.

Commerce Bank

found this the other day at work. Its in pretty good shape.

Excuse me Mr. Echo-Hawk

Its Walter
saw him on TV again, best last name


found this the other day.... yea, same frames