Saturday, February 27, 2010

Favorite Cover Song

Rilo Kiley- After Hours (velvet underground) MP3

666 were pressed, always tried to buy one. It came as a comp 7inch with a magazine. I bought the magazine when it came out, and got a letter stating the magazine was free, and they were out of 7inches.. I was bummed out. Its up on ebay now.. im bidding. I bet its gonna go for over 50 dollars though. I fucking hate Bright Eyes, but the Rilo Kiley song is worth it



"when does Beethoven perform in concert dudes?"

take a hike gramps... no ones giving you weed cause you made the metal sign

Spell Red


Yo harrison

sweet fucking earring...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

handicapped people make handicapped faces

cause we got the bombs... ok

truck tags

I was looking through the old truck at work, and forgot about the things people carved in the ceiling

work related...BORING

frost on the greens kills the grass, so we do this thing called the 5 second rule. Place your hand on the ground for 5 seconds, if the frost is gone, you can walk on the green. If the frost is still there, you have to wait till it warms up and melts. I dont think it works though...
we got a new greens mower... bout time
we built this table to store the cup changers and bags.
holes cut to hold the handles
lined up
we only have one crappy trailer, thats small and can only hold one walk behind blower, so we decided to build a bigger new one.
The tires we used were solid rubber and old. They were from an old Toro 325d rough machine.
built the ramp by welding two old cart tailgates together and using door hinges so it could drop down and lift up.
now it can hold two walk behind blowers
seriously though... who cares

my nephews

they got their yellow belts.


When I pressed some copies of my book, I also printed a poster of a drawing I made. I gave it to spencer for his birthday.... I think its gnar he appreciated it enough to frame it. thank you sir.

is this considered slam poetry?


Trapped Under Found Glory

in the AC news paper, dude from New Found Glory was wear a TUI shirt... wacky. I think the trapped under ice demo is good.. but thats it, not a fan of the newer stuff.
Trapped Under Ice - Demo - mediafire

flush rating

I was surprised they use this sort of rating to show the power of the flushing
if you're shitting a bucket of golf balls..... welcome

WaWa breakfast sandwich

cheddar cheese
roast beef

Des Ark

Live on WXDU- Des Ark vol. 1 & vol. 2

this song rules

thank you to Spencer and Spencer's friend Jackie for telling him to tell me to listen to them. I like the live solo stuff better than the full band recordings...

Biker Fox Movie

talks like Bill Paxton. His dvd came out in 2008, you can order from his site:

Biker Fox


Besides Adam Sandler cursing awkwardly, its an enjoyable 90s movie. I remember hearing really bad reviews when it came out, so I never saw it.. bad choice. Gene Siskel deserved to die for hating it.

I've been watching it at work a lot...

Drunk History

I was listening to NPR last saturday, and they were talking to the guys who do the Drunk History videos. All they said was " we get our friends drunk, and ask them to tell us a story in history they feel strongly about". Some are funny some are lame, but they get pretty big actors to reenact and lip-sync the stories their drunk friends are telling.
jack black- ben franklin

danny mcbride- george washington

I enjoyed

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You say tomato...

people who pronounce mozzarella "Mootz-a-rell", need to kill themselvesyou're not cool cause you say it fucked up.

Pepcid commercial

Stupid commercial but I think the girl is a major one. Her name is Shea Preuger ... I think she was in another commercial too... about drugs

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dollar store Absecon NJ

Sharon Van Etten :: NEW SONG ::

I like the quality of the recording much more than her full length CD. It sounds so clean... I really enjoy it.

Sitcom Kitchens Stairs

Stairs to the second floor are in a lot of sitcom kitchens, mostly in family sitcoms:

Sister Sister
Clarissa explains it all
Boy meets world
step by step
hogans familygrowing painsfull housefamily mattersCosby showI guess they felt that a lot of family interaction would be in the kitchen so they wanted as many entrances as they could possibly have. If you watch shows like Perfect strangers, My Two Dads or Silver spoons, some episodes never even step in the kitchen, or its an open area so the kitchen is apart of the living room/dining room.