Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cutting greens when I should be cutting albums

I always said, "working at a golf course is like working for a drug dealer. Its all about the lines, the speed, and the grass" trust me...I know its lame. Today had to cut greens and change cups at the same time. The new cup cutters we use are way better than the old ones, but have major problems when the grass is wet. Ok enough of this lame talk

Topps, Upper Deck... Kiss?

trading cards? Why?

Monday, April 27, 2009

seriously the best burger I ever ate.

Mega Burger
American Cheese
Fried Mushrooms

Holy wow, it didnt taste like some shitty beef patty, it was a hand made monster. This is what a burger is supposed to taste like. Its from a little butcher shop in brigantine called Ernest and Sons. They have cold subs, hot subs, burgers, and they're the only place on the island that serves waffle fries. They make homemade beef jerky, and they have butcher whos skilled in breaking down a Bear, Moose or Deer. They have frozen premade homemade meals like lasagna, meatballs, eggplant parm and homemade soup like, Chicken Noodle, Chicken and Rice, Minestrone, and so on and so on. The people are really nice and everything I've eaten there has ruled. 10/10.

"Good meat is not cheap ... cheap meat is not good"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

video upload for Eric and Spencer city - the story of the gravy

best band DVD I've ever seen. better than Metallicas "some kind of monster". one click download.


if you like this please comment.

Friday, April 24, 2009

sneezer henderson

Primus-Mr Krinkle

video used to creep me out when I was younger

seinfeld bubble boy episode

bubble boy loves ugly kid joe, but hates everything about george


This women (not pictured)behind the register at wawa used her stomach to close the draw. She was portly, and slightly obese. One hand was handing me the bag, her other hand was waiting for the receipt to print, the draw opened, she did a stomach thrust and I heard the draw slam shut.should I be impressed? disgusted? turned on? all 3?

Windy City Heat

best part of the whole movie. the guy in the hat is the only one not in on the joke.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In 1994 I was in 8th grade and my brother was a junior in high school. He was friends with a dude named Doug Hand and they both loved the Ottawa Senators. When the Senators came to play philly my dad bought 4 tickets for his birthday. My brother invited me to go, so I went. On the way up Doug was talking about what bands he really liked, and tried to get my brother into them. The bands I remember him talking about were Gorilla Biscuits, and Red Aunts. At the game they were wearing Ottawa gear and threats from the philly fans were borderline terroristic... whatever that means. On the ride home he kept talking about GB and the Red Aunts. I figured they would rule but my only source of income back then was from when I cut peoples lawns. So 10$ and a ride to Acrat later, I bought the GB 7inch. High Hopes was one of the first songs I ever learned on bass. The fastness and the shortness of the songs really got me hooked. Hold your ground and Finish what you started ruled too. I figured if this 7inch ruled so hard, the Red Aunts would have to rule too. God... worse album I ever listened to. I couldnt believe that he liked this AND GB. I figured I would start to try to find some bands on my own to listen to. I bought 7seconds New Wind and really was drawn to the fast "punkness" of that album. Next I bought Fugazi In on the Kill Taker and the album wasnt as good as GB or 7seconds but I still enjoyed it. Then I started buying everything from Earth crisis firestorm 7inch, to the Strife Grey 7inch. Then I started getting into pop-punk music. Pretty much anything on Fat Wrek Chords I bought. Face to Face, Screw 32, Nofx, all that bullshit. I loved it cause it was fast and catchy, and had melodic parts. Then I met Leek who opened everyones eyes in the area to Bane, Kid Dynamite, Boy Sets Fire, Strength 691, Hot Water Music, Clubber Lang, Mushmouth and a list of others. In 99' I got a job at Temperance Records. As I was looking through the one sheets of the bands on the label I came across this album the singer of the band was Doug Hand. I called him from work and let him know that I took his advice and bought the Gorilla Biscuits 7inch. He was alittle confused on who I was, but he remembered when I told him about the Ottawa game. I told him the Red Aunt CD I bought was horrible and he got offended. He told me the CD I bought was their worse one. So without leek and doug I never would have been down with the HXC sickness.

invasion used to be this band

now we're playing righteous jams

depression is an ocean and my boat has a leak

Im sinking faster then I ever thought I would sink

well considering Jumpercable hasnt practiced in about a month Im into my usual swing of being a recluse. I've needed this time to be alone, get my life and my thoughts straightened out. In some way I regret doing City Never Sleeps and Jumpercable because of it. These two bands kept me active with my friends, kept me hanging out and going out, instead of my normal working out, running, getting in shape and being a hermit. I know its all mental, and some sort of cop-out but its my problem, and I need no interference to stay focused. These bands were fun, but I think I got the crap end of the deal in the long run mentally and physically. This isnt a feel sorry for me post, its an update on why I havent been posting and Im sorry I havent posted more then I should.. been sleeping a whole hell of a lot. I will try to keep posting, who knows this could all blow over and things will be normal tomorrow, this is just how I feel now...see ya

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Abortion Clinic Dumpster Overload - We Are The Unforgiving Assholes

ACDO - We are the unforgiving assholes
recorded in 06'
released 9.2.07
1. Sata(i)n(tro)
2. Maggot Meat Pile
3. Sleeping Wolves Dream Of Hell
4. Sing For Demons
5. Satan's Parties Rule Ft. Spencer Dorsey
6. Demon Children Ft. Art Howard
7. Devil Deeds Done Demonic
8. Sa(ou)t(ro)an

Demon Children Music Video for Ipod

I found a receipt from CD Warehouse 98'

Cds my brother bought:

Beastie Boys
Slick Rick

Long distance relationship

She just graduated nursing college so I sent her this rabbit.

Bunker Pump

Back of 2 green. Drained in about 45 mins. I thought we only had catch basins in the back, but I found out we do have drainage back there. The only problem is that it doesn't drain.

G.I. Joe Board Game

doing a massive clean out of the attic. Found this game in almost perfect condition. I remember when I was a kid being frustrated not knowing how to play the game. Well I read the rules on the back of the cover yesterday and there were no rules. It says the board was used as a play area for the GI joes you owned or the ones they gave you with the game. Now Im pissed I didnt enjoy it more as a kid. oh youth

Busy at worky

Sorry my post have sucked, and I havent been posting that much. Been busy at work, and cleaning things.. like my rifle collection... Im lying, not even sure what that means. Im done. be posting more later. sorry again *COMING SOON*


10/10 rawlz... big time

smiles for miles 03'

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

David Liebe Hart

Artist and Creator.mp3
right click save as

jenny lewis/ben gibbard

I hate people singing along

The Wizard

Back in the 89', I got a nintendo power that advertised a movie coming out that featured a brand new nintendo game. I remember the talk around school, people trying to figure what new game it could be, so much hype around the movie. Opening day I saw The Wizard, and when everyone saw Mario 3 on the big screen they went crazy in the theater. Something like this could never happen again. Today everyone wants to be the hero who leaks the hottest, hypest, gnarest thing. People back then really knew how to keep their mouth shut.

booze sex and breakin necks

1. It's In Our Blood
2. Bring The Violence
3. Nothing But Trouble
4. Back To Our Roots
5. Tabloid Society
6. Wanna' Be
7. Will Work For Beer
8. The Pride I Feel
9. Right To Remain Violent
10. An Absence Felt
11. I Had A Love
12. Born To Booze
13. The First Time
14. Tear Down The Fence
15. Bottles Flying

One of the best Bootcore Oi! bands. Enjoy

Carlos Hathcock

Sniper in vietnam war. I heard someone talking about him on the radio this morning, so I thought I'd look him up. 93 confirmed sniper kills. One story is he saw a 12 yr old kid riding a bike carrying ammo and guns. He didnt want to shoot the kid, so he shot the frame of the bike, breaking it and sending the kid over the handle bars. The kid then picked up one of the guns and started firing at him, hathcook returned fire and killed him. I think what happened is Hathcook thought the kid was riding a fix gear bike, I would have done the same thing.... E. More gnar stories here

Monday, April 13, 2009


So angering. I wasnt going to post this, but I was told by an avid reader to post the anger on how lame this is.

Apache Vs Gladiator FULL EPISODE

The idea of the show is to compare two "warriors" against each other. Weapons, tactics, and dog dirt like that. Well the people representing both sides are such fucking babies.

9:24 to 9:42
7:04 to 7:52

It angers me so much.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Girls Guitar Club

"thats a good harmony.. yea.. on my part"

I watched this video on youtube all the time, they took it down, so I found it on google. The guy from the Eels is in the video, if you're an Eels fan. I really enjoy the dry humor alot.

"godzilla houdini revealy jones.. love ya like a sister"

" thats rude and racist... and you dont exist "

" If you love impressions yer came on a good night"

download for Ipod GGC

Clevos not how it use to be

now its just a punk rock scene

Saturday, April 11, 2009





2 questions. Why does this exist and Why did I buy it? Big Lots always has a mass amount of no name, horrible tasting energy drinks. I try to test every single new one when I go. I figured a big name like Hooters would have to have a decent taste. Well, you can put this one up there with the Steven Segal energy drink cause it sucked.

tryna find this book

Valerie Phillips is a photographer and her pictures are gnarly. When she takes pictures for ads in magazines, its not your typical "show the product/focus all attention on the product" picture.
Her pictures remind me alittle of Ed Templeton but not that raunch.Her book is rare and hard to find like Harmony Korines Pigxtras. I guess thats what makes me want it more. She also runs a fake skate shop that doubles as an art project called Cherryvale Skateboard Company.

DVDs watched today

Sunshine - Sucked
Pump up the Volume - Always rules
The Brothers Solomon - So horrible it hurt
Men at work - Always rules
People Under the Stairs - Loved it in the theater in 91', watched it today and found out it was bad
Elephant - I watched it before and enjoyed the long shots, this time they were kind of annoying.Still good though

turd out of a hat

magician uses bathroom
doesnt flush
another magician uses the bathroom
"Who Dini'd in here?"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dunkin Blownutz... got em

Sandwich would probably rule seriously if they toasted the "waffle". He threw it in the micro for a 25 second nuke and it came out all flimsy and soft. It tasted like a soggy Mcgriddle. Maybe the Dunkin I went to just had a lazy worker. He was blasting the music in there too, I think it was his own mix CD cause Billy Joel's "Up Town Girl" came on twice while I was in there. He sang and knew every word. Whoas included.

Buh Bye Boot Boy

Im not sure how long it took, all I know is we listened to 3 nofx albums while he was doing it:

White Trash Two Heebs and A Bean
Heavy Petting Zoo
Punk in Drublic

: He only charged me 100$ and I think it came out fine. The way it looks is the way I wanted it, he did a gnar job.

ATTN: Ramona

Why are you such a bitch to Jill and The Delasepps?

got this cam for free

A women at my job asked if I was interested in a camera. I said sure, and she brought in a bag full of lenses and this camera. Its pretty righteous, cant wait to use it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Boot Milita Release recap

I dont have any mp3s of these.. sorry.

99' Demo Tape "The Sound Of The Streets"
Self Release

1.Boot Militia
3.The Way it should be
4.Menace to sobriety
5.No Mercy

99' 7 Inch " Salute"
Self Release

1.Pullin' on the Boots
4.Menace To Sobriety

2000 7 inch " Split with Siege"
DIM records

1.On Glory's Side (Boot Militia)
2.Your Power
side two SIEGE
1.Sons Of Glory
2.This is Our Song

The DIM records release was awesome, cause we are the only split 7inch ever to be released on the label. When we came out with our first 7inch we were contacted by the owner of DIM to distro out our 7inch in germany. We sent him 100 records. Within a week he called asking for 100 more. He told us how our name sold the records, not the music. He liked us enough to put a release out though.

Say goodbye to skinhead youth

making an appointment to get it covered up. I've had this tattoo for 10 years, I've only almost gotten in one fight over it, and that was at day report at the county jail. Many people dont understand the skinhead culture I was into. It wasnt about racism or hate crimes or hating minorities, I believed in what the early 69 skinheads stood for. Being Working class, Pride in your country, pride in your self, pride in your friends, and being blue collar. I actually got the skinhead tattoo when I had long hair, I felt I didnt need to shave my head to be a skinhead. I was what you would call a Traditional Skinhead. I think there are 3 kinds if skinheads. Racists, S.H.A.R.P.S., and Traditionals. For some people its hard to believe a skinhead cant be racist, well I was not racist. I was in an Oi! band called "Boot Militia" with an african american jamaican skinhead who listened to french Oi! for gods sake. I did not write these reviews about the books but check em.
"This book is quite informitive in regards to those who either do not know or just do not know much about the TRUE skinhead subculture and its well-integrated youth. The constant complaints and literary snarls towards the general media for slandering the working-class youths does become a bit repititious, yet Marshall wonderfully documents the subculture's spread around the world by displaying many photographs and writing of his own knowledge and that of the people he has met. For those of us who have been around the block, Skinhead Nation makes for a great coffee table book to spot out those we know.""For close to a decade, many americans,and other races, have shunned the word "Skinhead" as being a foul and racist word. This book proves that theory wrong. Skinheads came about in 1969 in england. They were a youth cult. This book clearly describes all of the important facts of skinhead history. From Traditional skinheads, to S.H.A.R.P.S (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice), and lets not leave out the most stereotypical, Neo-Nazi (BONEHEADS) Skinheads. From the Mods to Rude Boys. From the music they listen to to the style of dress. It even describes the type of alcohol they like. Most of all it explains the truth about Skinheads that so many people don't know or don't want to know. This book must be read by all people. It could change so many peoples minds. But I'll warn everybody, the second chapter is kind of boring. Oi Oi And happy reading."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hung out with Chris Born yesterday, went to Moes. I got a Homewrecker with no rice, no beans, extra chicken, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, salsa, cheese, and jalapeƱos. Whenever I order a burrito with extra meat, they never charge me, and that rules. They have a deal on mondays now, any burrito with a drink is 6.39$ or something like that. Another thing is the girls that work there now are really attractive and have no problem rolling a massively stuffed burrito. Last time I was there, it was trashy people working who couldnt roll the burrito and kept messing up. Hamilton Commons Moes is top of the charts right now. We stopped at wawa afterwards... saw this
Hellz to the Nog.

Monday, April 6, 2009

finished this 5 mins before it rained

its getting there.

One of the best songs off Take Offs and Landings

The Execution of All Things its my favorite album, I can listen to it front to back. Take offs and landings is good, but the whole album isn't a banger.

Big Ups to Wawa

Wawa nog is good. Im glad they're still making it out of the holiday season. Hellz to the yea. One time I had Nog, Sour Cream and Onion Chips, and a Meatball sub. The combination was not good, I blew chunks like a frat brother after a double kegger.

Space Jam 96'

Why are they still selling this candy? Space Jams came out in 1996.