Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pre-Duke Nukem, Pre-Doom, and Pre- Rise of the Triad

I played this game
Full Throttle ruled so hard. I know it was along time ago, it had to be cause I remember making a boot disc for my computer to be able to play it. It took me about 3 days to beat when I first got it in the mid 90's. I remember I bought it again in 2000 and took it over bretts, we beat it in about 1hr. A lot of fun. In no way am I talking trash on Duke Nukem. I played that shareware version with a friend, over a 56k modem, every night the summer it came out. I was so lame I even built levels with the Build program that came with the game. Anyway. I suck

I still remember the cheat codes for R.O.T.T. too

ChoJin - Activate Cheats
Dipstick - All Weapons All Ammo

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