Sunday, June 26, 2011

Storm Style 2

Vampire Loving Ska Bitch

Jonathan Winters

my dads favorite comedian

Road Work Sign [pork style]

Porkys Point sign
this guy took a road work sign and made a sweet ass pork notification.


1:00 to 4:15 John Winters
4:15 to 8:15 Cream, Jack Bruce
8:15 to 11:11 Jimmy Hendrix
11:11 to 13:13 Difference Between Music
13:13 to 15:29 Celine Dion, Mariah Carey
15:29 to 20:46 Old Music
20:46 to 23:57 Kids Today, Vietnam

He didnt know I was recording, He loves Johnathan Winters and I wanted to record him talking about him... but then he went on this big music rant.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tastykake Summer Berry Limited Edition

didnt taste anything but blueberries..

The Carrots- Secret since 99

Am I a loser for really really liking this song?

The lead singer Veronica Ortuno played drums, bass and sang for Finally Punk. Its pretty crazy going from that to this... really enjoy her voice a lot
What the fuck missile.

She also has her own podcast:

Heres one episode where every song she played was chopped and screwed:

Work Related

Made a mud flap using a metal sign.
It came out pretty good, no more driving through puddles and getting drenched with mud and scum water
Had a leak the other day at a 90 degree pvc coupler. I went to the pump house to grab a new 90 degree coupler but we were out. So I took two 45 degree couplers and made an awkward 90 degree.
to tell you the truth, I kinda like using this better.. if you cut of the old 90 degree right at the insert, you can pretty much slide on the new one and just put the extension on the other side.
seriously who cares.

North Carolina Sterilization Program

anyone hear about this? Shits loco bro.The people coming forward, complaining and trying to get compensation are people who were fucked up as kids. I dont agree with this, I dont think its a good way to help with controlling teen pregnancy. But these two women who have come forward are blaming the state. One womens grandmother signed a letter stating she allowed the sterilization to be done. After she had a baby at 14 her grandmother agreed and signed. The women said to the press " I dont blame my grandmother". Bullshit! Your grandmother SIGNED FOR THE FUCKING STERILIZATION!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wyan Dunn Dead

This guy puts it into perspective

Chocula Trunk

1.50$ a box.

Old Picture

Bretts Music Archive Site
His songs are short and really good. I dont know if this would offend him or not but the songs remind me of a video game soundtrack. When listening to his songs I picture old NES games. These are the tracks I really really enjoy.
these are good songs... these are quality songs

Sunday, June 19, 2011

CD and Poster available

made these for his birthday.


Cleaning out 8
Got poison ivy already hedge trimming 12
electirc hedge trimmer... terrible

Hardrock Covers That Are Perfect

New Kids On The Block Cup

Selling this at .69$ store
I dont care how lame it is.. its crazy how its in such good condition.

Bad Leak

Started leaking at 3:30am

.69$ Keychains 2



VHS purchased

Recent ones I bought.
I thought this would deal with math and studying mixed with karate... but its basic karate and self defense. 24.95 $ ? terrible
This is going to be interesting
Kinda excited to see this.. surprised I found this at Goodwill. When I went there I also saw some blonde haired hardcore girl looking at books wearing a scene hoodie. Very babetastic.
The High School Comedy About The 3 R's. Rock-Rock and Rock! I saw this on Prism when I was young and loved it. Watched it again a few years ago... not as good, actually pretty terrible. Since it was a screener they had an ad for the movie.89.95$ Suggested Retail?
I cant wait to watch this and see the Pokemon Website Listings.
"Seems as though mean ghost Malachai, a legendary trumpet man, is playing quite a nasty tune"
"The Ghostbusters aren't about to let this happen and they challenge these Bayou baddies to a battle of the bands"

Productive Living Strategies For People With AIDS [BOOK]

Yikesbought this at goodwill. I guess its a good book to have if you are ridden with AIDS. It gives the background of the disease,
It was called "The Gay Plague" in the early 80s. Thats pretty crazy. The book also talks about how children were infected.
It says most of the infected children were "black or hispanic, poor and urban and most of them came from New York, California, New Jersey or Florida.". It says that infected breast milk may be a cause of transmitting the disease. This was in the book too... I dont understand the need of it in an AIDS book though. It talks about "Examples of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Contrast Among Some Black Americans And Some Anglo-Americans"

Black2:Anglo2:"Talking "Black" by outsiders without authorization is an insult"