Sunday, November 30, 2008

andy samberg saves snl

thanks to brett for the video

Kat Von D Peta Add


Yo, this is Hoodrack, Disclosure Demo 2004, Violence in the studio *gun shots*

I got this demo at the SSOA cd release show in Wilkes. and thought it was awesome.
When the repercussion CD release show was coming up
I asked if they wanted to play, but they had already broke up.

Listen to "Torn in Two" and "Betrayed"

new icallfives

so fucking good. new cd is going to be so hype.
Im souped for this release, the two new songs on their myspace
are tight and catchy. Only thing Im looking forward to musically is this release
Dec 19


Rave mother fuckers..rave

botchfan34 AIM name

took some things from this blog and wrote a book, waiting on a copy to see how it looks, then I'll post the link to see if anyone would buy it. Its strongly in the vein of harmony korines crack up at the race riot. I dont care if you dont like it, I think its pretty neat.

Friday, November 28, 2008

crazy sky/crazy cakes

sunrise this morning looked crayzan.
bought these at 711 just to see how they were. They're meh. They taste how they look. Its just pound cake with crush and 7up written on it.
have no posted in awhile, been super busy at work, with leaks, and blowing out the system, but now thats all done. So I should be back on the ball of posting on this dog dirt blog.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This site has a bunch of vinyl records that are loco, and youd probably only find them at a thrift store. They are all real albums, and some of them have mp3 samples. Check it, some are pretty funny

artist skillz

this pic rulz

Saturday, November 22, 2008

ATTN: Brett

you might find this gnarly. borna curated into the New Museum

tao lin + ellen kennedy

I enjoy reading these fake letters back and forth to each other, it makes me want to do something like this.

hikikomori found on bear parade

about bear parade - bear parade is electronically published collections of poetry and short fiction, and is free for everyone.

we suck

we really suck

Repercussion - Let It Ride 11-29-03

wont upload on youtube.
Olympic Records Boyertown, PA 11/29/03


well I used fraps to take some shots of mister lonely, but it kept fucking up. So I only got one good clip.. I'll have to do more later.

Abe Lincoln, Sammy Davis JR. Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson check on a dieing sheep

Kira Willey



sorry for all the music posts

all I see is dead waste/ all these fiends want teenage meat

Fucking girl fronted catchy bullshit punk music... and I love it. Rancid mixed with Hole describes it best. Back in the day I was all over the Distillers, but kinda burned myself out of them, untill I was singing the chorus of this today.

why I was singing it.. I have no clue. This is one of those bands you listen to, but dont want people to know you listen to them (brett knows what Im talking about). They have alot of catchy hooks, the riffs are basic, and its enjoyable to listen to. Its just catchy music, sung by a pUnK rAwK cHiCk who is a major fox.
This was my jam

Bubonic Bear

been really digging this band lately. Check em out, doomy, grimey, really good, two dudes raw.

brett, brett, brett drunk

"man, ya'll seen borat?"

thanks mom, thanks dad

makes me want to play bass again

Video rules. I really enjoy bass players like this, the fun feel when they play. I hate bass players like Jaco Pastourius. He was a guitar player who had no name in the guitar world, so he took his weak azz skillz in guitar and just transferred them over to bass. He has no feel, no fun when he plays. I swear if esteban wanted to, all he had to do was start playing bass and new jack retards would think hes gods gift to I know people love flee, but in all reality its bass players like les claypool that have that same fun feel to how he plays. Flee plays fast and sloppy, not really hitting everything he wants to play, not saying hes not good, just not perfect. Les is dead on, everytime, he doesnt miss a beat, a note, nothing. I compare these two because they were the mainstream bass dudes that people sucked off. Im not going to talk about Victor Wooten or the dude from Dave Mathews, just cause those dudes dont play the style of bass I like. Watch these and you'll see what I mean


Friday, November 21, 2008


wow, I wanted to hate this, but I listened to the whole thing and really liked the end alot, and laughed. Give it a chance.. dont be like me and hate it before you hear it.

Name of this song PLEASE
I wanted to know the name of this song for awhile. someone of some music knowledge step up

another leak, MESSY, but quick fix

why....3 leaks in 2 days. all fixed.

Yo economy I thought you were dying

I took my mom and bro out to OCB last night. Economy looked fine to me with all these people in there. It was packed, I havent seen it this packed since they first opened when the lines were out the door. Now I can see the problem when the economy affects me. A message to everyone:

be smart, save money, stay home, dont go out and eat, and when the mash potatos are out, dont stand there and wait for them to be refilled.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

ATTN bad year media blog

kurt just gayeded up your shit

leak leak why the fuck is there a leak

Today we tried working on and finishing this leak from yesterday, but this leak was so fucked up, it took all day, and still didnt finish. Im so dirty you should call me Xtina Aguilera. I had to lay and fish through freezing water just to find the head that shot off the pipe. this is what we got finished today
26 degrees yesterday, and we have a fucking leak
see were the pipes all meet under that big clump. well right to the right of that there is supposed to be a sprinkler head. Well as you can see there is nothing, so water was just flowing out.I didnt go into to much detail because I know people who read this blog hate posts about my work.

bob ghengis khan

I guess its karma. I shit in the new bathrooms on the course again (if you arent a member of my other blog you have no idea what Im talking about). As I sit down to shit, I see the water from the faucet is frozen. I seriously didnt think anything of it, till I tried to flush... lord. The toilet water was frozen and wouldnt flush. So I wipe, front to back, put soap all over my hands, and try the faucet just for shits and grins. I dont think so tim, not working. I went to the ladies room with soapy handies just to see if the water would work in there. Again.. Al Borland . So I looked in the frozen water of the ladies room toilet and said... looks clean. I washed my hands with the toilet water from the womens room, and as Im leaving, hit my head and the low ass door frame. I did what denzel washington did in training day

:03 to :12 seconds I did exactly that, pumped my hand and said "you motttthhhaa fuckaa...son of a bitch". it hurt, blood all in my sweet ass hat. well thats my nasty bitching story

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mister Lonely

I got the DVD yesterday, and it is shot with an awesome camera. I think thats the problem for me. I like the gritty feel of all Harmony Korine movies, this has a polished over produced feel. The actors have trouble acting in the movie, not like the acting in gummo, Im talking like bad acting in a major movie, its hard to get into. There is one character that is awesome, and its the guy who plays Abe Lincoln. Hes really funny and his part in the movie makes it enjoyable. Harmonys girlfriend plays in the movie too, when shes walking down the train tracks singing (Red Riding Hood's Hangman) it gives it that old harmony feel. All in all I think I could watch in one more time, but I dont think its a lifer like Gummo and Julien.

*I'll post clips of Abe when I get home*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

shawn blog request

turd blog updated today

Coldy Cold/Beardy Beard

work was so cold today, the way the wind blows off the bay is brutal. It was so cold my jaw was hurting when the wind hit my face. In all honesty though. I'd rather be freezing my nads off rather then sweating them off.
shaved my beard and found a weight problem. I dont know why I did it, I seriously didnt shower for a week, and just really wanted to clean myself well. So after the delousing... I started shaving, I even shaved my nose. I saw little hairs on it, made one swoop, and took a gash out of my schnozola. Whatever, I know Im disgusting, but now Im disgusting with more chins then china town..know what Im saying.. I need my confidence beard back to hide. blah

Monday, November 17, 2008


I'll write about each picture later, have to get back to work, spent my lunch scanning them.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tao Lin blog

[tao lin]
EEEEE EEE EEEE is one of the best books I've read in a real long time that has kept me interested all the way through. If you're interested in finding a new writer, and reading an interesting book buy/read EEEEE EEE EEEE

from now on

we're just dudes in a band

Ben Gibbard Burn to shine #5

I bought the whole Burn To Shine DVD series awhile ago, this song and the tiny vipers song rule the most. Some of the other bands that appear on the dvd are somewhat intolerable. The way it works is they go to different places, get bands from that area and find a house the fire department is going to burn down for a drill/training or a house they're moving off its foundation. Its pretty cool how they describe it, its an event that will only be captured on video, and will never be repeated in the same location. I know I posted about the dvds before.. just wanted to refresh.

The Aluminum Fowl

2006 produced by harmony korine, peta fans beware

Dad Beer Feedia

pic says it all
[bad year media]
click to find out

found alot of old pics Im going to scan.

old fam pics.

*new* ben folds five video

meh, its only good cause tim and eric directed it and were in it. regina spektor guest sings. youtube wouldnt allow the video embedded

wishlist blog

weirdo gifts and items that you dont need, but you want. [link]

1 week Kicking veg edge to the curb right now

thanksgiving is coming up, I love meat, right now is not the right time for being a veg dude only. Im going to eat more veg stuff, just not only veg and fish. grill anyone, anyone?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

chris allison

another artist who has an awesome blog , and loves old blues/r&b music. [link]
skip james-crowjane
[found on his site]


Im not gonna lie, the cover of the DVD got me interested in the movie. The way its shot reminds of a mix of Fight Club, and a Guy Ritchie movie. The question is, when you cant sleep, what do you do with those 8 extra hours of your life...

check the trailer, it looks choice