Saturday, July 19, 2014

Natalie Prass

I found her accidentally and really enjoy her music. I supported the scene and bought both of her EPs from iTunes. Just give it a chance, watch the video, dont be a stupid moron. Roses (I won't do a thing) is the hot track off Sense Of Transcendence EP. Heres a pretty awesome inerview where she claims she used to be the Queen of Larping.

"for a kid, being 13 14 and being away from home and in the woods dressed up as a werewolf ready to beat some kids up...thats pretty awesome. I still think "yea thats pretty cool" "

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 4th BBQ

I wanted to try and do a lot of different food and I wanted it to be legit. I bought a bunch of metal trays to hold all the food. 
Burgers, Lemon Chicken, BBQ Chicken, London Broil, Hot Dogs and Squash and Zucchini. 2 hours straight cookin, everything came out pretty good.... who cares

Drive-Thru Shoes?

Nahhh used to be a Krispy Kreme.

David Feldman [Artist] / Ghost Remake

Best painting, just to pricey for me.
Heres my 6 second remake of this scene from last winter. [Vine]
This rules too.
this artisit is pretty awesome. Heres his Etsy store with more paintings

Berlin Market

I bought one of these AudioVox VHS combos back in 2001 for about $100. I found one at berlin for $15 and its a better model.
the screens a little bigger but its noisier than the one I had previous. This one has all the car attachments, so thats pretty cool. I also saw this for $5
couldnt pass it up.  Brett and Heather came up with a good cake to make in it. Eat My Strawberry Shorts Cake... love it. Did not buy this
doesnt someone need this?

Lame Birthday Card Dawing

Looking at this just makes me think of unfunny corporate cards. 
Im not even sure if she'll get the joke.

Blackbird Pizzeria [Philadelphia]

Brett, Heather and I ate there this past weekend. I didnt know what to expect going in knowing it was a vegan restaurant. Brett got the vegan cheesesteak, Heather got the Cubano [sp], we shared an order of wings and I got a slice of the Haymaker Pizza. My lord it was the best slice of pizza I've had in a really long time. The crust was boombastic. Heather gave me half of her sandwich and it was amazing as well. Would eat there again no question. Quality food with quality people.

Lil Debbie New Tracks/Old Tracks

babeliax babe

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Berlin Market 5$ Deal

Saw this picture and stopped for 2 seconds to look at it. As I was walking away the guy yelled out "5 bucks my man". Couldnt pass it up....
picture is huge

Soul Grinds In Heaven

Insane Inline 

PRO [Gym? Dojo?]

Emptied out but they left all their trophies

Learn Chinese 2

Thanks Chris Born

Nutty Mads

I recently was thinking of something my uncle or my dad owned when I was alittle kid in the mid 80s. I could never think of what it was, I just remember it was green and weird. So I searched "green weird figure 70s" and found these. 
They had the look I remembered and that specific green color but none jumped out to jog my memory. Then I found it, it was a boxer.
I guess they casted the originals in the green and the recasts were different colors. Im happy I found what I've been thinking of for a really long time.

No Makeup/Perfect

Babeliax Babe