Thursday, February 28, 2008

so I was looking through the attic...

when I find this.

name: Spitball Louie Jr
from a toy line called "Weird Ball"
released by Mel Appel in 1986.
I remember loving the cards, but
I never remember having this. Glad
I found it..

I'm gonna give you a little advice Claire.

Scrape 'em off.
You wanna save somebody?
Save yourself.

1 hour 10 min deposition

Good advice -------------------------------------------->

When you don't drink, and remember a lot of things that happened 3 years ago, lawyers ask you a lot of question. Some ask you questions you can only answer " I don't know what I was thinking, it was stupid, I'm dumb". It went well, I told the truth, and I'm just happy the deposition is finally over.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

sasha grey, what a fox

3 years back to haunt.

could use his help

yea, so tomorrow
2/28/08 11:00 am,
I have to give a deposition
of what happened 3 years ago.

30 days county (15 days day report, 15 days house arrest)
4,000$ in restitution and probation
2 years probation
!-DONE June 07-!

?-find out tomorrow-?

wish me luck

chinese newspaper

I took this picture of an article in a Chinese newspaper,
Someone translate?!