Sunday, August 5, 2012


1994 [Jim Carrey]

Feb 4th
Budget 12$ million
Box Office 107$ million
July 29th
Budget 23$ million
Box Office 351$ million
December 16th 
Budget 17$ million
Box Office 247$ million
For some reason I was looking up Jim Carrey's filmography. I didnt know all 3 movies came out the same year...thats fucking crazy. Now hes a terrible actor and I hate him

favorite movie quote

"Say Hi to my best friend" ~ The Godfather
some said this at work, then told me they saw it on the internet... still funny

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trash Carnival

Hung with my nephew this weekend. Went to the trashiest carnival and had a lousy time. Cool spelling
Things have changed, every carnival game was " winner everytime, no matter what ". We walked up to try  the frog hammer game and he didnt come close to the lily pads. We started walking away and the guy said "hes still a winner, everyones a winner even if they lose" and gave him a stuffed frog. But every game was like that, he missed all the targets on the gun game and still got a prize. Kids need to learn to lose and fail. Getting rewarded for nothing is lame. 
ok Ill shut up

2 pictures

I enjoy them, I think they came out pretty gnar