Friday, October 31, 2008

mischief night

some toilet tissue in the trees, thats about it, nothing to serious. This was also drawn on the cartpath on 11.they used yellow mustard (woodeewoo), toothpaste, and lipstick.


just like the banner of hope song.

there is something wrong with me, antisociality
everything gets to me, antisociality

Thursday, October 30, 2008

reminder to shave the rest of my head

Shaving my head yesterday, clippers started dieing. Spence rolled up so I had to go, no time to charge and finish. I was going to finish up the shave when I got him but since I got home so late I had to go to work like this.ugly mother. Looks like I work in a rare book store, and play magic the gathering competitions on weekends.

14 poison counters mother fucker..14!. loser

they won, shut up. pics from philly on 76 last night

Traffic looked like it was crazy in the city around 12am, but walt whitman bridge was fine. We drove by alot of loud beeping retards. We were up in doylestown to get the jumpercable shirts, and when we were driving back home we saw all this.
Seriously though, who cares.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

S SGT HERMAN MULLIKIN Merrill’s Marauders

I was looking through my grandpops old army photo album, and I found out he was apart of a unit called Merrills Marauders. This was a fucking tough unit of dudes. I found some info about the unit on wiki:

In slightly more than five months of combat, the Marauders had advanced 750 miles through some of the harshest jungle terrain in the world, fought in 5 major engagements (Walawbum, Shaduzup, Inkangahtawng, Nhpum Ga, and Myitkyina) and engaged in combat with the Japanese Army on thirty-two separate occasions, including two conventional defensive battles with enemy forces for which the force had not been intended nor equipped. Battling Japanese soldiers, hunger, fevers, and disease, they had traversed more jungle terrain on their long-range missions than any other U.S. Army formation during World War II.

The men of the Merrill's Marauders enjoyed the rare distinction of having each soldier awarded the Bronze Star. In June 1944, the 5307th Composite Unit (provisional) was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation:

The unit must display such gallantry, determination, and esprit de corps in accomplishing its mission under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions as to set it apart and above other units participating in the same campaign.

In 1966, this Distinguished Unit Citation was upgraded to the Presidential Unit Citation.[1]

On 10 August 1944, the Marauders were consolidated to the 475th Infantry. A decade, later, on 21 June 1954, the 475th Infantry was re-designated as the 75th Infantry, thus, Merrill's Marauders is the parent, 75th Infantry Regiment, from which descends the contemporary 75th Ranger Regiment.

The commander of the 2nd battalion of the Marauders, Colonel George A. McGee was inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame for extraordinary valor and exemplary service.

When I get some time I'll scan some of the pictures, I just hate to take them out of photo album.


Sky looked weird last week, off gray clouds, with a gray backround. I dont know kinda neat I guess.


sodium gross-out lunch.

got my scanner at work to work

TEST PICTURE DREW THIS FAST SUCKSmaybe bring in some of my horrible embarrassing pics of when I was young, and some of my grandpops old war photo album pictures. Have a scanner now, I gots alot of photos I always wanted to put up. wormz.

ACDO @ Trocadero

One of the best shows we played with Metallica and Disturbed, great bunch of guys. What an awesome show for us to get on and headline.

thanks to spencer for the ticket and the picture

Ron Mueck Art

Phaggot Phighting Phills Phans

We get it, you're Fans of the Phillies, do you need to spell everything with a PH that usually starts with an F? I know its been done long long ago, but not in 78', look how fun is spelled. Phor gods sake I saw something the other day that said " Phree Pharking" that doesn't even make sense.. Im lying I didnt see that, but still, its still as ridiculous as what you, the phillies fans, are doing. People riding the wave annoy me too. Saying I've always loved baseball yada yada I always loved the phillies yada yada I've been waiting for this since 93' yada yada.. give me a break and shut the PHuck up. I'll whip out my lenny dykstra rookie card and stun everyone. While looking for hot phillies pictures I did find this sandwich. DO WANT

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Artist Blog I found: David Gemmill

I really enjoy his stuff alot, check his blog out, it rules. I just found it, its been around for awhile.


I don't think anyone who reads this blog will enjoy this band as much as I do. Awesome slow indie music, with hooky riffs, and slow drone on key singing. Vocals trade off with male and female singing but both are in tune with one another, its not a "i love his voice, I hate her voice" mix. Its basic but its good. With this band the music isn't complicated but its super catchy. The melody and vocal patterns make the songs so powerful and enjoyable. This is indie music done right in my opinion. Check out YEAR OF THE RABBIT

Saturday, October 25, 2008

POST 500!

when musicians are to good for their own good, they make things like this. I kinda like it, Im not 100% down with it, I think I could watch the video more then I would listen to it. Give it a listen, its catchy and pretty gnarly

I dont like this song

I LOVE IT. I used to hate it, but I gave it another chance, and it is one of their catchiest and most enjoyable songs. Rain at the end NOT NEEDED


Rilo Kiley Again

I hate the backup singers so much. I hate how she went soul singing instead of her rock/folk singing. This song I guess is ok off "Under The Blacklight". Meh I miss the "Execution of all things "style.

this song rules. Look how they used to dress and act. Now they're glam rockstars.. I hate it. Their songs were good too off their old albums, this new stuff is pop shit. Meh.. I need to relax

this song rules too.

Pork 2

Seriously, pork has to be my favorite meat now. I used to be a steak and ground beef dude when I grilled. For some reason, at Bretts b-day party it all changed when we had all that pork. DO WANT. Its weird though cause Im not a huge fan of Ham.

want this

Apple and Sage stuffed Pork Roast

· 1.5kg Pork Roast stuffed with Apple and Sage

· 8 Potatoes, pealed and chopped

· 4 Sweet Potatoes, peeled and chopped

· ½ small Pumpkin, peeled and chopped


1. Preheat oven to 220°C. Pat the pork dry and then rub the skin with salt & then season with freshly ground black pepper.

2. Place the pork in a large roasting pan, skin side up.

3. Bake for 25 minutes and then reduce the heat to 180°C. Add all the roasting vegetables in an even layer.

So lame they didnt have the rest of the recipe.


Star Trek

Glow Stick

Spencer went to florida awhile back, and when he came back he had some fireworks he didnt want. I told him I didnt want them either, but I took them so we could scare geese off the course in the winter.
seriously I know they look like wimp style firecrackers. They aint! I took a plastic cup I stole from Sharon Zhengs 2 buffet, filled it up with water, lit one of these bunker busters, and dropped it into the cup. Thinking it would only pop and shoot water out, I held it in my hand and did it in my kitchen. To my surprise it blew up the cup in my hand, shot water everywhere, and was loud as hell. We found glow sticks on the course this morning, cut them in half and dropped some bunker busters in themsucks so much my camera didnt capture the explosion, but this picture is right before it exploded. This other picture is right after one exploded.
so lame I couldnt get itm but kinda neat I guess. I hope these things arent toxic, cause I got super light headed after these things went off. The smell was Mad Yuck Ot. Predator

Redneck Speedbag Rigg

I was laughing while I was doing this thinking of Jeff Foxworthy, "you might be a redneck...". I hate his stand up, but this is so stupid I could see it being on some trailer park weekly idea of the week update (?what?). so dumb

Birthday Wishes to a Ching Ching Chow

Yesterday we had to do some clean up around the shop. Heres my Dizesk all cleaned up looking all professional. Excpet for the frog and Kat Von D.
I went to 711 yesterday and got a toll house ice cream sandwich. It was really good. The key to eating one of these slut ice creamz is let it sit, let it melt alittle, then chomp the fiznuk out. Oh and something awesome, I found this Mrs Fields ice cream sandwich I bought a few weeks ago in my car. Melted to hell and back. I bought it at big lots and forgot about it because right after we got out of big lots we went over to Super Buffet and chomped. The gross thing about it, is that there was ice cream leaking out of the package. It was leaking from the front logo (look on the D and S of fields), not at the top or bottom, thought that was weird. This morning I think I had the most college/homeless breakfast I will ever eat.
Cold pizza and old coffee. Since I've been drinking coffee at work, I havent cleaned my cup well. I've rinsed it out, but not elbow grease scrubing. Is that gross? I've been running outside really well lately, the other day I ran 3.6 miles. No laboring breathing, no chest pains, no pains in left arm either, it was awesome. I need to keep it up to stay at that distance though, and knowing me I've already failed. Ok, long lame post.. get bent

Plunk / Tegan and Sara

I know everyone hates when I post about Tegan and Sara, but when they were in high school they made a 3 song demo under the name Plunk before they changed their name. This song is really good, I thought I would post it up. Lyrics kinda weird

"My pants are huge and chocolate covered"

but seriously it rules. Just check it out, dont be lame.

Plunk Demo-Plunk Song

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free Lunch #3

Well-done please

this is what happens when there is no fulltime chef working in the kitchen. The general manager had to cook, I dont blame him though. He cooked a gnarly burger on monday, its just today it was a rare raw renegade burger.

Anne Frank is the original blogger

Spence and I headed up to Chris Borns house last night to grill some grindage for his house warming bbq/get together. I bought a thing of 12 pork steaks, 2 london broils, a huge bag of sour cream and onion chips, and some potato rolls. Thank god spence drove, my car is a bucket of bolts and leaks more than shit juice into a colostamy bag. Pulled up to his house and he comes walking out... "sorry beege, I have no gas for my grill". Thats why, no matter what anyone says, charcole is always better not only for taste, but speedy grillability (?spell check?). So he said he would pay for us to goto the Ming Dynasty Buffet. We all piled into his girlfriends car and headed to go chomp out. Stupid me forgot my cellphone in the car, so I couldnt take blog worthy pictures of how amazing the food was. At a buffet I was surprised how many Sushi choices there were. There were at leaste 20 different kinds of rolls and sashimi. MAD YUM OT! We drove back to their pad and chilled for alittle bit. His dog Loki is fucking nutz to the mAxImUm, its a Nakita and kept fucking everyone up. It jumped up and pawd me in the family jewelz, it kept pushing spencer over, it chewed through the electronic drum wires, just a real pain in the azz. They said they have a pillow that it humps, and they bought it only for that reason... of course they tell me that after I licked it. Joke. But it looked pretty nasty. We ended the night with chris's girlfriend Racheal playing every Nirvana song flawless. On the way home we stopped at a rest stop and saw this sign, some reason we thought it was really funny, probly cause we were tired but I took a picture of it was a pretty gnar time, even though we didnt grill. But grilling needs to be done soon! NP style?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Found this fucked up memory card on the course today, it wouldnt display any of the pictures. So I took it home put it in the digital camera here, and loaded the pictures on my comp. all of the pictures are from christmas. It could have been out there for awhile, who knows, who cares, all I know is them glasses rawk

Sunday, October 19, 2008

nothing to write..seriously

today I woke up feeling like I was in grade school, there was a test, and I didnt do my homework. Just an empty, worried, out of place feeling. Maybe Im getting nervous about school next year, Im not sure. My satuday nights always feel like a waste when I go to sleep at 9/10 oclock, I need to be a late night hot shot on my saturdays to feel like I did something. Yesterday I had a good time hanging with Brett and Heather, we drove around and they did shopping for a partay. Drivin, Shoppin, Chillin. Well band of brothers is on tv, looks like my day is shot watching this dog dirt.


Im sorry. I dont mind trying new things food wise, but this I dont think I'll ever try. Makes me kinda sick thinking about it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Board Game Commercials

All the songs are burned in my brain forever. If you remember them, you'll be singing them when you watch the videos. So many so good

Certs Commercial 90s

I can watch this and still laugh. IMO one of the funniest commercial that aired on TV. I remember buying Certs so I could do this to kids in my school. I dont think any of them got it, they probably thought I was being a jerk.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Im hungry feed my mouth

this dino is mad rude.

I'll just tell you what you want to hear

and hope trouble finds you

dollar store finds

Catch Master, is for slob kids who drop food all over them while in a car. Pretty neat idea, guess it was huge in the early or late 80s.This sweet sport scent rules too. If you dont use it, you're not it


I got a pumpkin spice latte this morning from 711, the first 5 sips were awesome, then it was way to sweet. They have these cups with obama and mccain on them, and when they scan your cup it sends it to some 711 voting poll. Well I did my part...It depends if you like your coffee like you like your president. relax, its a joke

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sitcom Humor

Not alot of things make me laugh. Im not trying to say I have 1337 sense of humor, I just dont think alot of things are funny and I dont laugh that much. One thing I enjoy is really lame sitcom humor. For example when some has a long last name and they meet someone for the first time:

Actor1- Hello my name Is John
Actor2- Hello John whats your last name
Actor1- Pakatanewsigh
Actor2- God bless you

Small wonder was a good one, heres the intro to the show, only the start is in spanish.

new computer..NEW. Heres madtv making fun of the Sitcom Intro..

I've been looking for this video for along time. Its alittle long winded, Ares Spears and Bobby Lee (bong water drink) ruined it, but I honestly laughed at it.

Gym success + [fail]

I used the elliptical this morning and did 2 miles in 19 mins. Thats the best I've ever done. I usually do a mile in 13 mins. But today some woman was next to me, and I guess I was trying to keep up with her. She did 2 1/2 by the time I was at 1.5. Plus we had a leak yesterday, and it was old, so there was stink mud I was laying in. Well I didnt take a shower and still had mud on me this morning. I must have been smelling really horrible. But I did a dumb thing after I ran those 2 miles in 19 mins.. I celebrated at Mcdonalds..who does that?! Seeing this picture makes me realize I really need to do something diet wise.The first two where good, I was full... then I ate the other two just cause they were there. I have a problem and no will power.