Sunday, October 12, 2008

BAMaged Goods

Emeril sucks. Flipping through the channels I came to his essence of emeril show. The food is so fancy. I hate these shows that only make fancy food. Its food that looks good to eat, but not easy to make. Back in the day there was this guy on a Public cable access tv, his name was Biker Billy. he would make things that were easy to cook. Most of his food was spicy, but it all made sense. He wouldnt make a cow tongue sandwich with a tomato, clam and scallop ceviche with a mint flavored pomegranate drink. He would make beef, chicken, or fish, with spice and sides. Sides being mashed potatos, vegetables, and so on. His show was awesome.

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HeatherFe said...

I dunno if Emeril's stuff would be too hard, but I just can't make it through more than 10 seconds of the show.

My dad and I used to watch this together. Why the hell the neeley's have a show on food network over this guy I'll never know.