Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birthday Wishes to a Ching Ching Chow

Yesterday we had to do some clean up around the shop. Heres my Dizesk all cleaned up looking all professional. Excpet for the frog and Kat Von D.
I went to 711 yesterday and got a toll house ice cream sandwich. It was really good. The key to eating one of these slut ice creamz is let it sit, let it melt alittle, then chomp the fiznuk out. Oh and something awesome, I found this Mrs Fields ice cream sandwich I bought a few weeks ago in my car. Melted to hell and back. I bought it at big lots and forgot about it because right after we got out of big lots we went over to Super Buffet and chomped. The gross thing about it, is that there was ice cream leaking out of the package. It was leaking from the front logo (look on the D and S of fields), not at the top or bottom, thought that was weird. This morning I think I had the most college/homeless breakfast I will ever eat.
Cold pizza and old coffee. Since I've been drinking coffee at work, I havent cleaned my cup well. I've rinsed it out, but not elbow grease scrubing. Is that gross? I've been running outside really well lately, the other day I ran 3.6 miles. No laboring breathing, no chest pains, no pains in left arm either, it was awesome. I need to keep it up to stay at that distance though, and knowing me I've already failed. Ok, long lame post.. get bent

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