Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan 20th Snow Removal

It doesnt look like a lot....
but it was

So close........

96 Business Card

There used to be this machine at the hamilton mall that made business cards. 7$ for 125 cards. Our band name was Finger Karate and for some reason we called our practice area the cheese factory. I guess I really thought these would help us, but I found a stack of them in the basement. Whatever you do... no fax

wake up

WW2 Gas Mask

Such a moron when I was a kid, I found my grandpops ww2 duffel bag and took his canteen, his zippo and his gas mask. I played with those things like they were toys, and I thought I lost everything. When they sold my grandmoms house, I wasnt told untill everything inside was trashed or given away. I was bummed cause I would have wanted to snag all the old ww2 stuff. Well the other day I actually found his gas mask
Im happy I have his war photo album, his 1897 indian head penny cuff links, a Buddha statue he bought in china and now this gas mask.

Arts Floor

1$ store gold

Hung out with my nephew and my brother this weekend. I bought him these freak glasses at the dollar store. After I took this picture, I showed it to him. He was shocked by how whacktastic they were. Before we went in to eat he said:

"I should take the glasses off, I think I'm gonna start freaking out people"gonna be a funny dude when hes older

ATTN: Nicole

What happened to the yoga newsletter?
I just watched this Clenched Fist video, made me think you.

Hope you, your yoga and your dogs are well.

Adventure Magazine

I typed in Crazy Cover, and found this website.
It has a bunch of old men magazines from the 50s 60s and 70s. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of other covers on the site, some dealing with nazis, some dealing with tribal island people.

Nora Miao [Way of the Dragon]

watching G4, Way of the dragon, Bruce Lee's babe is a major babe. The gang in the movie is em... what kind of gang would have that many lanky white dudes?movie sucks, anyone who likes it...I hate you.

Sandcastle Cupcakes [BLOG]

Sandcastle Cupcakes [link]

Click the link, its a blog documenting the start of a new business, from the beginning stage of building/cleaning/re-designing to opening and operating! Its located at 910A Asbury Ave Ocean City New Jersey. Heres a sample picture of what you will find on the site. Its pretty cool reading stories of the dilemmas they're facing and overcoming. The blog and the business are just starting, but so far they are both boss. Please click the link, follow the blog and stay alert to the happenings of the store. The blog is updated regularly so you'll be able to see the process as it happens.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bank Robber Shot In Maryland

The thing I think is the cops were pretty reckless during this. I mean if you keep watching till the end you see two cops get shot by other cops. Crossfire style, they got caught up in the...
One limps away, the other falls between both cars.

at 1:04 1:05 you can see him get shot in the head, looks like some throwing coffee up in the air


1994 News Paper

cleaning out my car, found this old news paper stuffed under the spare tire. This story was crazy, Its hard to read so I typed it out.
LINDEN- A case of sibling rivalry caused a city man to chase his older brother through St Marks Park while wielding a 39 inch-long Samurai sword.
Mark Nettles, 25 was arrested sunday after allegedly threatening to slash his 33-year-old brother Richard with the Japanese warrior sword.
Police said the brothers got into an argument at their parents home about Mark Nettles former girlfriend whom Richard Nettles was dating.
After the argument, Richard Nettles left the house and walked the half-block to the park.
Mark Nettles grabbed the sword from his parents house and began running after his brother police said. Richard Nettles told police that his brother also said he was going to get a gun and shoot him.
The chase eventually ended up back at the Nettles family home, where Mark Nettles was arrested police said.
Mark Nettles is charged with possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes and making terroristic threats. No bail had been set as of monday and the Nettles remained at police headquarters
Wigwam sale.. hellz yes. Remember Bob Kislins? I went there before we went to Stokes. I miss stores like this and Hermans.

New Buffet [Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet]

Food was ok, wasnt amazing, acceptable. For the price this is most def the buffet to eat. I guarantee Sharon Zhengs 2 is done if they dont lower their price. They have the grill in the back right next to the sushi. Sushi was fresh, I didnt get a chance to do the grill. The carving stations had pork tenderloin, roast beef and ham. They also had weird things like thisOffal is entrails and intestines of a butchered animal. Im not a dessert dude, but for those who are, they have hard ice cream instead of soft serve. I didnt believe the price was as low as they advertised.but it was..

McDonalds 1970s Happy Meal Tray

Found this in the basement, was kinda surprised it was in such good condition.

Machete 2.0

Made a machete at work this week. Took an old bed knife, cleaned it up and cut it to shape.with the holes I was able to make a legit handle instead of putting rope on it and taping it with electrical tapeI used a grinder to shape the wood down and ended up putting electrical tape on it for extra supportworks, rules

Friday, January 28, 2011

nasty, nasty boy, oh you nasty boy

Mac Tonight

Beachcomber in the Shore Mall is selling a holographic display of this old McDonalds advertisement that ripped off that oldies song Mac The Knifeseriously I dont think its worth the over 200$ price tag.


Does anyone agree that the show Mad Men is overrated and doesnt deserve all the hype?

NJN show

There was some GED study show on the other morning... it asked weird questions, but the multiple choice answers were weirder. They asked about the reality of the second Batman movie.

Chef Boyardee [Best Commercial Mom]

I posted this one before, face at the end is perfect


Tastykake Black and White

rules 10/10

Old 711 Cup

The sad thing is, this used to be the Big Gulp

Answering Machine Demo 2

I made this one for Shannon. I was happy she enjoyed it. It was only one song because this answering machine would not allow to record a memo.

no more....never again

Bruce Cockburn - Lovers in a dangerous time

A friend of mine told me he was gonna cover this song and asked what I thought about it.

I like it a lot, catchy and basic. Song starts out kinda sounding like a faster "Time after Time"and the singer looks like Egon from The Real Ghostbusters cartoon

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dropkick Murphys - Boys on the docks EP 1997

Dropkick Murphys - Boys on the docks (medfir)

Now this album fucking ruled. I used to listen to this all the time, I hated Do or Die soo much cause compared to this album it was straight dog shit. Not one trash track on this EP.

Boot Militia Rot On Recording 99'

Steve found all these pictures and scanned some. Hes giving me the rest, I'll scan em all and post em up. Look at my shitty cock eyed 1970s glasses. Im also wearing a Dropkick Murhpys do or die shirt... but I hated that album. He also found a copy of the demo, Im going to be burning it, and posting up the Discography very soon.