Monday, April 29, 2013

10:36 Mile

trying to get it under 10

14 Shut Off Valve

Last year I was shutting this valve off and I broke it. so instead of fixing it, my boss decided to eliminate it.
the pipe was so bent we had to dig back on both sides so we could have some play to set it up. cement and rebar ridic
fix before cement

Shore Mall Demolition 3

Lubys Bar

Clam licking beer... best logo

Jewish Geriatric Home [water bottle]

It was .49$ at goodwill, I didnt want to seem insensitive or disrespectful so I altered the words on the bottle.

The Knife - A Tooth For An Eye

Its like a bjork rip

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Really tried to make a soul/rock ballad. but failed.

100% joke

Baby, once granted me the greatest wish
She was a genie and she made something longer

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pistol Pete's Steakhouse & Saloon PLEASANTVILLE NJ *CLOSED*

Its been closed for awhile, I took some pictures waiting for my car at Goodyear
 I was surprised how many things were still on the walls

New Work TV

Good find by coworkers.

Berlin/Goodwills Run

Did not buy
Is this legal to sell?
.25$ for each glass, deals
 I dont really like the A-team but it was 4 for a 1$.
 Nas shirt and Obama shirt right next to each other. Did not buy
 .49$ couldnt pass it up.
White Man Can't Jump bootleg, shot in some theater, very terrible. Ultimate Scooters VHS, very terrible as well.

240$ Flat

4am driving to work, hit something in the road. My tire sensor came on saying 20 psi, I thought "Ill fill it when I get to work". About 500 feet from work the sensor says 2 psi. There was no noise, nothing, pulled into work, pancake.
After work, put the donut on and drove to Goodyear. I got a good deal on a new tire for 99$. The mechanic came in and said " this was in your tire "
So a new tire, alignment and work cost me 240$...lame

Benny "Lefty" "Lefty Two Guns" "Horse Cock" Ruggiero

My brother went to New York, bought me this shirt...tourist style but he got it because of Donnie Brasco
"My family, my children, my mother, can hold her head up, in any neighborhood in this city when she walks down the block, see, in all the five boroughs Im known. Forget about it, Im known all over the fuckin world. Anybody ask, anybody, about Lefty, from Mulberry Street, you're pissin up the wrong fuckin tree my friend"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Workin Out / Eating Healthy

Ive been waking up at 4am every morning to workout.. Im trying
Insanity is seriously crazy, Pure Cardio hands down is the hardest day
Every vegetable possible... 
This is rare for me to eat, I know its not a healthy meal, its usually tuna from a can, raw spinach and a sweet potato. I was just fiending today for a decent meal. Who cares...


Toro Irrigation Boxes

We started putting the boxes out this week, its not that its hard, its just time consuming and annoying.
While I was working on the 5th box, this cat came out to keep me company
 2 more tommeowrrow and we're done.