Sunday, July 28, 2013

One of the best summer weeks in the 10 years of work

Monday was alittle rain, Tuesday big rain, Wednesday was awesome, Thursday kinda warm, Friday alittle hot, Saturday kinda hot
who cares

Flower style


They got rid of the payphone and the water cooler. In its place they added all these pictures
 only one I was 100% sure of was Jerry Lewis
I wish he would release his 1972 movie The Day The Clown Cried. It seems so dark and disturbing, Im interested in hopefully one day it being released. Its about a clown who led kids into the showers in a concentration camp. He felt so much remorse that he goes into the room with them and performs as they all die. 


I bought her single last year, Gotta Ball
Bought this yesterday
single is catchy

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Praying this is real

course has been burning up with this heat...who cares

Trashcan Man Anthem [No Vocals]

Made this a few years ago, just found it

I had this song complete with vocals but lost the final mixdown, so all I have is the music track. Not going to re-sing it.

Leak 5 Tee Box

I turned the tee box on to water it and drove away, got a call saying theres a bad leak.. When I came back to shut it off I found out the pipe cracked
The crack was bad
after digging it up, I found the problem. The Pipe was resting on another pipe. You can see the dent where it was resting
worked out a diagram to make something to bypass the problem
who cares

Shore Mall Demolition [More]

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Faiths 8th Birthday Card

she loves Minecraft

Jon Leiberman on HLN

he did pretty well, Im sure Howard News is happy with his work


Melissa Harris Perry/Zimmerman Not Guilty

Very attractive but very anti-white and racist
Her reporting on the Not Guilty verdict is so hateful and racist it angers me. She makes a lot of points that I do agree with but the ones I dont agree with are so off the charts they should be reprehensible. I dont think there were racial issues involved in the killing, thats my opinion. There were reports of 8 robberies done by young black males in the neighborhood prior to the shooting. Was Zimmerman looking out for anything suspicious? Sure. He said the 17 year old didnt fit the description of someone in the neighborhood, walking around in the rain and looked like a "real suspicious guy". I feel killing him wasnt nessecary but in all honesty who knows what happened during that altercation. Comparing the event to Emmett Till though? Bit of a stretch? I dont feel like writing anymore... Im done. In the end, its sad the 17 year old lost his life.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Orange is the new black song in the Commercial

Rilo Kiley - Better Son Or Daughter
Album: Execution of all things

Katalina - DJ Girl [Trash]

anyone remember this? I think this was another one of  those videos that played a lot on The Box. Why was this so popular? I thought she was such a babe when I was younger.

 wow so terrible, not as foxy as I remembered

mr bouncer head muscle man

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pasta Party

Aunts visiting, I made meatballs, sausage, spaghetti and garlic bread.  Sauce all over the stove, jerk style cooking. The way I make my meatballs is interesting. I use mild salsa in the meatball mix, it has tomatos green peppers and onions. Taste pretty good.

A.V. Club Undercover Season 3

Was not expecting them to do the costume change for their song. not that amazing but kinda good


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lateral Pattern - Baby Call Me Now

Tried to make a 1990s alternative pop rock song


Baby call me now

We should work it out like we've done before
before it all went apart
But youre listening to weezer
listening to old geezers and theyre telling you what to do
Just pick up the phone and you wont be alone
Pick up the phone

Baby call me now

New Glasses

Ill post a picture of the lenses on my other pair later...they were ruined

Sunday breakfast with my nephew

New product at Golden Corral. 
its as disturbing as it sounds, I tried a piece and didn't finish it. gross and overly salty

License Plate Music Suggestion


Mongoloid Unacceptable

Laws Of Eight:
1.You will obey orders without question.
2.Punishment shall be swift.
3.Mercy is for the weak.
4.Terror will defeat reason.
5.Your allegiance is to the clan.
6.Justice can be dictated.
7.Any Clansman may challenge for leadership of the Clan.
8.There is only one penalty - DEATH