Sunday, July 14, 2013

Melissa Harris Perry/Zimmerman Not Guilty

Very attractive but very anti-white and racist
Her reporting on the Not Guilty verdict is so hateful and racist it angers me. She makes a lot of points that I do agree with but the ones I dont agree with are so off the charts they should be reprehensible. I dont think there were racial issues involved in the killing, thats my opinion. There were reports of 8 robberies done by young black males in the neighborhood prior to the shooting. Was Zimmerman looking out for anything suspicious? Sure. He said the 17 year old didnt fit the description of someone in the neighborhood, walking around in the rain and looked like a "real suspicious guy". I feel killing him wasnt nessecary but in all honesty who knows what happened during that altercation. Comparing the event to Emmett Till though? Bit of a stretch? I dont feel like writing anymore... Im done. In the end, its sad the 17 year old lost his life.

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