Thursday, September 11, 2014

Honeyblood-No Spare Key

Revel [CLOSED]

The problem I have with Revel is that they came in and said that they were better than every casino in Atlantic City. They didnt have a buffet because they "didnt want to attract that kind of crowd". A year later all of Revels billboards said "Gamblers Wanted". They were trash from day one, happy they're gone.

T.G.I.Fridays Shore Mall [CLOSED]

Jack Daniels everything... no more

c l o u d s

[Don't Be Edged]

Best thing ever...


Flooded Course [August]

Dasani, Fiji, Deer Park, Anheuser-Busch?

Arbys Meat Mountain

I tried it....too much. I ate about half...
roast beef
angus steak
corned beef
chicken tender

Tabasco Chipotle Chicken

Tabasco Chipotle is the best seasoning for Mexican food.

Haydn Porter on Stern

 babeliax babe

Best Wrapping Paper / Best Gift

Seriously loved it, thank you Brett and Heather

Found some old pictures

Ben Sherman....braces..
Why was I allowed out of the house? Sweatshirt around the waste, simpsons shirt and a kickass hat. 1991.

Slug Life

Pizza Box Art

A friend recently turned 30. I wanted to make him something special for his birthday. I went to Jo and Johns pizza in Absecon and bought two pizza boxes.
I made a design and punched out holes in the box with a pen.
I bought these lights from the $.79 Store 
pushed them through the holes and super glued them in
Plugged it in and had this. If you're having trouble reading it, it says "Pizza Life"
I figured you could have it plugged in and hang it up like a picture. So one of the lights were out in the Z and I tried to fix it. Since I glued them in, I pulled the light buld out of the fixture and ruined the entire thing. It took me about 3 hours to complete it and was angry all the time I put in was wasted. So I was going to do another one but kept it super simple and made this... 
He enjoyed it.

Nov 1999 Deleratos Galloway NJ

just some clips from the video... not sure why food network is on there


Deadhead Rum

not a drinker but these marketing style products draw me in. Not sure if its good or not, havent tried it.


Not sure where I found this picture. It was on a site where this guy goes to goodwills/thrift stores, buys old crappy paintings and paints new scenes on them. This one ruled the hardest

Kimmi Sick

$4,500 in debt. Too much to write, she is getting better.