Friday, December 19, 2014

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Neph Hang

shore mall
quality time

Shrimp Dip

Thanksgiving appetizer. Came out pretty good.

A Dark Room [iPad]
Ok so I downloaded this game and played it about 30 mins every night before I would go to bed. It was a lot of fun, very challenging. There are no shortcuts to getting more supplies [teeth, scales, fur] and no in-app purchases. I kind of like that, you cant buy your way to beating the game. 
its all text, no pictures no animations. I found out that its for free on the internet, So if you're bored and want to give it a try go for it. Im not sure if it saves your progress though online. 
Give it a chance, Dont just play for 5 mins and say "stupid, where are the graphics", give it a good honest try. It bummed me out when I completed it, I wish it could have been longer. A lot of fun.

Minor Treat / Fudge

Hung out with Spencer and Joel and we were thinking of old school hardcore bands we could turn into ice cream, candy related things. I made the pictures.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Whos tossin' baguettes?

found on course

You want a whopper with that?

You want a whopper with that?
You cruise up, some pumpkin head with the janet jackson thing around their melon.
Just give me my burger and shit
dont pop your pimple in my fucking fries either.
~Pauly Shore
Scraps From the Future


we eventually got it out.

peanutbutter/mint oreo

seriously not that bad...

$.79 store finds [did not buy]

I want to start a poppunk band called "Too Busy" and use this picture as the demo cover.
did not buy these kickass fear factor folders either

Cellar Dwellars 97/98 [VHS]

found this old VHS that had one of my old bands on it.
i wore some weird conehead elvis head for the last song
ocean city battle of the bands, we got second place. We wrote an odd timing instrumental song called " The Charlie Chaplin Mob Theme", I think thats why we won.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

17 Leak

The screw was a previous fix, the water came out at such high pressure it cut a line through the screw.
we had to use a 6 inch T and a 2 inch reducer then put a threaded coupler. then put the metal pieces on there... yada yada.. no one cares
first 6 inch main fix solo