Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm watching I Survived on biography. Some of these people I wish were killed.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Life Pics

Found these two pictures, thought they ruled. Cant remember the site though

Worf And Jaws

New Tim and Eric shirt.

Poison Ivy Bush

It was huge, took it out. I have poison ivy now.


Answer was:
At my old job this guy I worked with listened to Tool and Finger Eleven all the time.
One day I came in and heard Diecast.
I said "Thats awesome man, you listen to Diecast"
He said " Whos Diecast? this is Kittie"
I couldnt believe it.
He burned me a copy the next day and that night I played it for some friends
Told them it was Diecast
I asked if they liked it
They said it was good
Then I told them it was Kittie

I do think it is kinda awesome that they recorded the album with 3 people. Hate em all you want, gotta admit thats pretty gnarly.
phaser scream see you at ozzfest, Im a loser

if you have it already... to bad.


If anyone can guess this hard-core/nu-metal band from 2001, I will give a prize. NO LIE.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska

Holy Toledo! Im loving it

ThinkPoint Virus

I thought "hey, the beatles are on itunes now, let me see if I can find some on mediafire" click on the link and ::BOOOM:: virus.How to rid the virus:
click start
system tools
system restore
restore my computer to an earlier date
select any day besides the day you got the virus.
Boom gone

Friday, November 26, 2010


I wrote a short :33 second track
Im working on doing a short song demo,
I dont want any songs to be over 1:00 min

I want to release it on tape and call it "Mustard Party"check it, its short, if you're bored give it a listen.

I cant be the one
to listen to it all
dont try to save this loser
down on his luck for so long
cause I cant be the one

Goodwill Hammonton

The goodwill in hammonton expensive! They treat all the stuff they have in here as Antiques and charge antique prices!
this bike was 199.99$. Things they think are rare, or vintage they put put super high price tags on. Hate.

Blew out the system

No, thats not a new Casualties or Unseen CD. Hooked up a huge air compressor and blew the water out of the irrigation system.

Atari 400 and 600 Home Computers

This reminds me of old Apple Computers and big ass floppy discs.... goodtimes.... we were true pioneers

Pung Young [LONG sorry] First Job

2 weeks before my 16th birthday I applied at a movie theater
The boss came out and said
"when you turn 16 come back"
The day after my birthday, I went back in and applied.
I got the job making 5.05$ an hour
The first night I worked was hectic
Movies that were opening the night I started were
Air Force One, Good Burger, and Men in Black
I started as an usher, then worked my way up to concession and the box office
I was trained in the concession stand by a vietnamese women named Pung Young
everyone just called her Young
Her english was terrible
when people would try to steal bulk candy she would yell and I mean yell
"Jean, they take my candy Jean!"
Jean was my manager
Young taught me how to properly mop, close down the concession stand and clean the popcorn machine
she would complain everyday about how people from the night before left the concession stand dirty
If she came in in the morning and it was dirty she would re-clean everything.
She wouldnt sell or make popcorn till it was how she wanted it
So one night I was asked to close, I got scared cause I figured I was going to get the brunt of her anger
I did everything she taught me, but still thought it wasnt clean enough
I was working the next day as an usher
I was expecting to come in and see her re-cleaning the concession stand
When I came in, I saw her standing there talking with our manager Jean
I thought
"great, shes complaining, I hate this women"
As I walked through the front door my manager Jean called me over.
"Jason, come here"
I walked over kinda giving Young a dirt nasty kinda look
"Young tells me this is the first time she didnt have to clean before opening"
I was surprised
"Really? wow, well shes a great teacher"
I felt like such a scumbag having a hate look when I walked in
Jean asked if I wanted to work with her instead of being an usher
I loved being an usher, rip tickets, clean theaters, not that much interaction like it is at the Box Office and Concession stand
"Sure why not"
I had to work a double that day, 10 am till 12 pm, child labor laws? hello?
That night she told me how everyone hated her, because she was so strict with the cleaning
For some reason we started forming this tight bond.
Young only wanted me closing the concession stand (great, thanks)
or training new people if she couldnt
I guess as some kind of ritual, at the end of the night she would take the hot dog drippings from our hot dog machine and put it in a cup
She would drink it like a shot every night before she started cleaning
well that night, she asked if I wanted to try it
"Whats it taste like?"
"It tastes good, like hot dog, but only drink"
"that doesnt sound to good"
"just drink"
It didnt taste terrible to be honest.
Her and I were always close, if I was an usher and I saw it getting really busy, I would open a register and help her.
Her family would come in, and they would eat in the back supply closet
Once in awhile when no movies were being seated they would ask me back there to eat with them
Food wasnt amazing, but it was free
I dont know what happened to her though
Scream 2 opened and there was a riot
A lot of the staff got hurt
not me though, I pulled a prick move and when my shift was up and I told the manager
"I need to check on my mom, shes out there waiting for me"
"Ok we need you to stay late and help with crowd control"
I walked out to my moms car and just said
When I came in the next day for work
some workers were in casts, some had black eyes, and one manager had been hit in the head with a bottle.
all for Scream 2?!
After that I never saw her again
The manager Jean said she was deported, but honestly who knows.

Pulling trees out around 7/8 pond


Tape Holder

Some of the tapes on display:
Right said fred
Naught By Nature
Guns N Roses
Boys 2 Men
Pearl Jam

Jealous of the hot tape selection? I am

2 TV shows caught my attention

Kid rock gets so drunk at one point, he keeps talking about a bonfire, over and over again. Hes a cool artist...real cool.

Bass player from Rancid

Is it me, or does Matt Freeman look like Kenny Powers?

Nintendo DS Pictochat

I was testing this DS my brothers exgirlfriends kid left in his car. It has a fucked up touch screen but it still works. I was trying out the Pictochat, does anyone use that? Its awesome. I figured out a way to draw one picture it multiple messages.
Probably old news, but whatever. Some people actually make animations using it, its gotta suck to spend all that time doing it.

I was gonna try to sell it on ebay, but I think I'll hold on to it...


I have to say, I was surprised. If it didnt have pickles, I think it would have been perfect
They're keeping it on for 6 weeks then kicking it off the menu again, I wanted to try it before it was gone.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sega Style

Sega really tried making games interesting. Only thing I remember about these games is they both had codes that turned you into a penguin... I think
besides being a hot item for a few years back in the day, they are now space taking, unfun, lame machines. I mean thats a full sized jet-ski, innovative for its time, but worthless trying to grab attention of kids now.
these are at Jillys in ocean city

Eastbound and Down sucks

The only thing that makes that show good is Deep Roy

fuck people who watch it to talk about it, and only like it cause its cool. It isnt funny, get over it.

public relations

not needed, shut the fuck up

when its due

Take your greasy hand back cause I ain't gonna shake it
Just cause you hang with my friends don't mean I'm gonna fake it
I got no use for you cause youre an unrighteous fool
I'll be sittin laughing when your weakness shines through


fuck the saucer man

Thursday, November 18, 2010

LG Optimus T commercial

playing Joanna Newsom?...

not new stuff either, Bridges and Balloons off Milk Eyed Mender

ATTN Brett

Pretzel Burger
right up your alley

Somers Point

I lived in Somers Point NJ till I was 3 or 4 years old on Crestmont Drive. I remember very little from back then. One thing I do remember is watching He-man with my brother.
:45 seconds

we would wait till he punched the screen at 46 seconds and act like we just got punched in the face, fall back onto the couch and hold our jaws like we just got hit. Every friday night was pop-corn and Dukes Of Hazzard. Being that young, Im surprised that I remember those things now.


This trailer makes this movie look amazing but Holy shit this movie sucked. It was so bad I want to ruin it for everybody so no one sees it. Acting is terrible, the guy from scrubs dies, and is cheating on his girlfriend with his assistant, his girlfriend dies by getting eaten by a monster near the end. The other two actors are bad, the girl is pregnant and its typical convo, she says Im pregs, and he says oh shit, and she says is that all you have to say.. dumb. If you look in the light, your body gets taken over, and they suck you in. The dude with the preg girl looks in light, but doesnt get taken, so now he has an alien rash. For some reason they try to leave and goto the harbor but the aliens have no clue they are there, makes no sense to leave, they leave, and thats when scrubs dude and assistant girl die. they go back upstairs, dumb dialog, they see that the aliens are using human brains to run. so to make a long story short (to late) they both get taken to the ship, the girl is laying there and the aliens see shes preg, she watches her BF get his brain taken out. but for some reason his brain is a different color than everyone elses, cause he saw the light and has the alien rash so it makes him different? she gets taken to another room with other ladies screaming about their baby. you see other peoples brains being put in the aliens, and they run off and start mayhem, then you see his brain put in and the monster starts acting crazy, then while they were about to rip out her baby, the alien with boyfriend brain busts in and saves here... then the movie ends.. with cartoon drawings over the credits of what happens next...

just wrote, didnt reread it.. hope it makes sense... hate

man with long beard

got a 50$ bet going, grow hair, grow beard, till January 1st. If someone cuts anything, they lose.
iPhone app Burst Mode, the free version is ok, pretty sure the full one is gnarsome.


was checking viral videos on LiveLeak.com today. They have some pretty disturbing vids, but also some pretty good ones. I was watching a bull jump on people when I saw the advertisers
I like how prom dresses is right in the middle.

Brian Regan

seriously its like an amuse bouche, I could see this at some fancy restaurant in one of those huge white spoons. I'd order it...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The site got an overhaul and looks good. These are some new diocks I drew to support the site.
I was told the site will be getting a new drawing program so the quality of the johnson pictures will only enhance. Check it, and draw a Ding Dong, thanks.

rick ducommun


"You say "yo speedy out front"?"

"No, I say go speedy out fast"

my kind of humor... completely terrible

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Less staring, more clubbing... Nice cell phone slogan new windows phone



Found this on the course

someone had a party on the 13th fairway.

Wendy McColm

Give these videos a chance and just watch them. I think she plays the dry sense of humor really well. I guess it does help that shes also really Babetastic, but in all honesty she is really funny. I think its harder to act so natural, than over the top wacky and funny. Shes got a talent that few people have. People have to overcompensate for this, by acting edgy and rebellious (IE Sarah Silverman). But other actresses like Aubry Plazapossess this natural comedy that big time actresses fail to capture. Amy Pollard, Tina Fey, and other actress try to act straight faced and funny but cant get the same feel these two achieve. People dont have their own opinions anymore, if mainstream media says Tina Fey is the funniest, everyone agrees and doesnt add their two cents. Well Im adding my two cents, These two younger talents have the finger on the straight faced dry comedy pulse and I think it needs to be recognized. More comedy like this is needed, saying so much in small actions and none responsive comebacks is way better then a fart joke, or a Sarah Palin impression. This is talent and its talent I can respect. I wanted to hate these videos, but giving them a chance I actually enjoyed.

This robot rap I was expecting to hate, but like said just give it a chance.

im a loser for posting this.. but honestly its true