Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tastykake Cherry Cheesecake Limited Edition

double filling tastykake pie.
graham cracker flavored crust
cherries and cheesecake filling
10/10 really good.

Cocaine Handbook.. I bought it

I saw this and had to buy it. Its just something I've never seen before and was shocked when I saw it.
it kinda blows me away with the details they published in this book.they have pages of how good cocaine is supposed to look, how to test it to make sure its good and how to make it
This is the part I love the most, Cocaine and Economics
Two grams of cocaine could get 15 cases of Heinekens. Four grams of cocaine could be a weekend in Hawaii. Seven grams of cocaine could buy you a Sony Betamax????throughout the entire book they have stories like these.
they talk about some of the downfalls of using cocaine, like getting a huge hole in your nose from constantly usingThe glossary in the back had terms that I guess back in the day were new and tabooI just think its crazy things like this were made, I also think its awesome when they're found and cheap. I paid 5$ for this...

Toilet Paper

I didnt buy these, I figured I would never use them. Why doesnt Charmins do something like this? I think its an awesome idea

Book Review

the kindle version came out awful, no page breaks, just text running into text. it is pretty terrible. love this review

Bought a Movie Reel (35 mm i think)

I bought this today from the Berlin Market. I was walking by some guy, and saw these sitting on the table. He had no idea what the movies were, so I looked them up for him and told him what they were about. One was a dancing movie, one was a racing movie, and the other one was a horror movie.
I bought the horror movie. Its called Dont Open The Door. I watched the trailer and it looks terrible.
I bought reels 1 2 and 3 first and took them back to my car. Right before I left I figured I should go back and buy 4 and 5.
I walked back and told the guy i'd take the other two reels. He kept trying to sell me the other two movies, he said "I dont understand why you're not buying the other movies" if it wasnt for Becky, I would have bought them all.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Idea 2

4 am
Cell phone alarm
Ace of base, I saw the sign
She hits snooze
Usually on Sunday she would wake up and make the two mile walk to the grave yard,
stopping at Dunkin donuts on the way to grab a coffee and a chocolate glazed donut
Today was different, she was too tired to move.
"and I am happy now living with out you, I left you oh oh.."
Light knock on the door, it's was her dad
From outside In a soft whisper " Megan you getting up"
No answer
Her dad wasn't concerned as much as he wanted to brag about his eBay purchases
Her dad would stay up all night on his days off. He worked the night shift as a janitor and wanted to stay in the same sleep cycle. He'd stay awake from 7pm to 7am bidding and watching old VHS tapes.
It was a good night tonight for him.
He walked from the door back to his Spot in front of the computer.
The VCR was still paused
a frozen image of bill murray was on the TV
He began admiring his recent purchases, speaking to himself
"20$ plus 27$ plus 25$, not bad" he says satisfied, he pauses, knowing what he did was wrong, knowing that 20$ for a reprint script of Ghostbusters, 27$ for a reprint script of Rambo and 25$ for a reprint script of Scarface was not going to sit well with his wife
"not to bad at all"
Faintly through the door
" and I'm happy now.."
She moans
"gotta getta movin, gotta getta groovin" she says eyes still closed, arms at her side, slowly kicking her blankets off.
She scratches her collar bone with her left hand and moves her bangs with her right wrist. She holds up her right arm. She opens her eyes and stares at her right wrist, because beyond it is nothing. She never had to deal with skin graphs or reconstructive surgery. She never had to deal with phantom pains or trying to deal with the loss of a hand. She was born this way. She holds up her left hand and admires how perfect her nails were done. She also thought about how uncomfortable the Korean women got when she asked for her other hand.
" no I'm just getting this hand done" she said trying to be sweet and unoffended
"why? I make both hands pretty"
She tried to pull away, but the korean women already pulled back the sleeve revealing her missing hand.
The Korean women screamed making her feel like a mutant, making her feel ugly and different..
"and I'm happy now living without you, I left you oh oh oh I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign..."
She closes her eyes.
She let the alarm go, it repeated. When the song got to "it opened up my eyes" she opened her eyes and started singing with the song.

let me know what you think.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keychains, 90s style

4 for .69$

Don Trump Roast...

Situation seriously unfunny.

2:37 guy in the audience, best part.
Whitney Cummings had the best line of the night making fun of the Situation and Snoop Dog:

"You need to stop tanning right now Mr. Situation. You are so orange Snoop Dog should be wearing you while hes on his knees blowing his cellmate"


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

storm style

New Carts

got new carts at the golf course, the lame thing is the company set one person to switch all the GPS units out. We ended up doing a lot of work transferring the units to the new carts. We get our carts traded out every 4 years. These are the old ones
the new ones are a lot faster and have some small changes
the reverse and forward are near the key instead of behind your leg.
the charger is also a different shape
it was a pain, but its done.

who cares


remember watching this on a PS2

Sharon Van Etten

I think shes foxy and her demo is in my top 10 favorite albums of all time. Her new album Epic is so disappointing. Everyone is all over it and loves it. Im not a fan and truly bummed I cant get in to it. Im happy for her to have all the hype, I just wish I could enjoy the music shes now releasing.

Sladen Dead

Im real yo and Im in love with a dead girl
I fell under the spell of a she-bitch from hell

goth rap, so bad, it hurts.

Helped Joel move

helped him move a desk to his apartment in killadelph. He was taking stuff out of boxes and I saw his old year book...
best thing written in therethis was in one of the boxes..

beer dude

stopped by said whats up to Seamus, straight hate for lotto.
best name

Berlin Market

Went to Berlin Market last weekend, took a picture of some things that caught my attention.
someone call fucking Zordon
Pretzals are always good.. but they leave the mustard sitting out, I dont think they refrigerate or change it very often. disgusting
two vhs tapes inside
a shirt everyone needs
straight forward
not really sure the meaning behind this picture
If anyone is down for going sometime, let me know, Im down.