Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Idea 2

4 am
Cell phone alarm
Ace of base, I saw the sign
She hits snooze
Usually on Sunday she would wake up and make the two mile walk to the grave yard,
stopping at Dunkin donuts on the way to grab a coffee and a chocolate glazed donut
Today was different, she was too tired to move.
"and I am happy now living with out you, I left you oh oh.."
Light knock on the door, it's was her dad
From outside In a soft whisper " Megan you getting up"
No answer
Her dad wasn't concerned as much as he wanted to brag about his eBay purchases
Her dad would stay up all night on his days off. He worked the night shift as a janitor and wanted to stay in the same sleep cycle. He'd stay awake from 7pm to 7am bidding and watching old VHS tapes.
It was a good night tonight for him.
He walked from the door back to his Spot in front of the computer.
The VCR was still paused
a frozen image of bill murray was on the TV
He began admiring his recent purchases, speaking to himself
"20$ plus 27$ plus 25$, not bad" he says satisfied, he pauses, knowing what he did was wrong, knowing that 20$ for a reprint script of Ghostbusters, 27$ for a reprint script of Rambo and 25$ for a reprint script of Scarface was not going to sit well with his wife
"not to bad at all"
Faintly through the door
" and I'm happy now.."
She moans
"gotta getta movin, gotta getta groovin" she says eyes still closed, arms at her side, slowly kicking her blankets off.
She scratches her collar bone with her left hand and moves her bangs with her right wrist. She holds up her right arm. She opens her eyes and stares at her right wrist, because beyond it is nothing. She never had to deal with skin graphs or reconstructive surgery. She never had to deal with phantom pains or trying to deal with the loss of a hand. She was born this way. She holds up her left hand and admires how perfect her nails were done. She also thought about how uncomfortable the Korean women got when she asked for her other hand.
" no I'm just getting this hand done" she said trying to be sweet and unoffended
"why? I make both hands pretty"
She tried to pull away, but the korean women already pulled back the sleeve revealing her missing hand.
The Korean women screamed making her feel like a mutant, making her feel ugly and different..
"and I'm happy now living without you, I left you oh oh oh I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign..."
She closes her eyes.
She let the alarm go, it repeated. When the song got to "it opened up my eyes" she opened her eyes and started singing with the song.

let me know what you think.

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