Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Numbskulls 98' and 99' demo
Both demos one download

The Numbskulls-Atrocious Habits Demo 98'
1. Punx and Skins Stick Together
2. Pissed off
3. Lets Start a Riot
4. East Coast Punks
5. Death Of a Scene

The Numbskulls-In With The Old...Demo 99'
1. Cease Fire
2. Discrimination
3. M.C.A.B.
4. Numbskulls
5. Freedom of Speech

Ok I guess alittle History about both demos.

Atrocious Habits 98'
In 1996 I was in a experimental rock band called Finger Karate. We later changed our name to Cellar Dwellars (yes with the A at the end). We played a Battle of the Bands and won second place. The Prize was 8 hours of studio time at some lame studio. Well the band broke up alittle after winning, but we still had the studio time. So when I joined The Numbskulls in the summer of 98', I asked the guys from my old band if I could have my share of the studio time and any time they didnt want. One guy said yes and the others said no. So with 4 free hours we recorded our first demo. Pretty much the demo was one take all of us playing together. The studio was so shitty, everyone had headphones except me and my bass was plugged direct. So I couldnt hear how terrible I was playing. I just remember we all wanted to do things over.. but ended up just saying fuck it, it is what it is. I like that crusty grimy sound though. The engineer wouldnt stop talking to us either, he kept telling us how he went to M.I.T. and how amazing he is at recording. I'd say he spoke about himself for a good 45 mins in our recording session. We made 50 cassettes with Bill Clinton on the cover, all the other demo covers had a punk dude with a mohawk on the cover. We were supposed to play a show about a week after recording, but our drummer was sick and ended up not showing, we were already at the show, so we set up our merch table and ended up making 98$ on demos and shirts. That was crazy to us.

In With The Old...Demo 99'
All these songs were written with Art. But before we recorded this demo Art leaves the band. Few weeks pass, we try out drummers (including Shawn Gorman from Repercussion but at the time he was in a punk band called No Motivation) and we finally find a drummer that doesnt have another band and is kinda good. I mean his skills were limited to the Misfits drum beat and that beat only, but we needed someone and someone fast. That person was Paul Brown. Before recording this demo we kept telling him "you need to learn the Casualties beat". He did his best, and I think he did a pretty good job. The band lost the grime factor and got more of a straight punk feel I think. This demo we went to a new studio called Rot On Recordings. We were told to go there by a local band called N.O.C. (no one cares). The guy who ran the studio (Ron) was a guitar player in a band called Double Barrel. He loved to play his bands songs to us. Songs I remember were " Marijuana Do You Wanna" and "Dr Groovenstien". He had a Mortal Kombat 2 arcade in the studio and Brett loved it. Anyway our one singer was 15 and the other was 16 and this guy kept asking if they wanted beers. So when we recorded this... Paul, Joel and Dan were fucked up. Thats why the one line is "Here comes the bastards", at 1:15 of the song Numbskulls Dan burps and Paul stops playing at the beginning of MCAB. This demo took 2 days to do. It was recorded to a DAT tape instead of pro-tools. The DAT tape probably still exists somewhere.

fake names real names
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dan Blaze = Dan McCarthy [Vocals]
Snipe Destructive/Snake Cooper = Joel Parsons [Vocals]
Freddie Vacant = Fred Lott [Second Guitar]
Brett Saberhagen = Brett Kaplan [Lead Guitar]
Jace Ponn = Jason Hillegass [Bass]
Artcore Howard = Art Howard [98' drummer]
Peter Jennings = Paul Brown [99' drummer]

Gimme Pizza

Cant stop listening to this...amazing
Fried Chicken
Whip Cream
Ice Cream
Chocolate Sauce
Coconut Cream
Egg Fu Young
Chicken Tongue
Mash Potato's
Fried Green Tomatoes
Fish Sticks

Andy Milonakis tweeted this... it will not leave my brain

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hooligans Party - Doin' it With Our Boots On 99' DEMO
1. 21 Guns
2. Skinhead Roots
3. 1000 Strong
4. Freedom
5. 40 oz. Of Aggro
6. Bootboy Army
7. Doin' It With Our Boots On

One of the best demos from that era. The Numbskulls used to play shows with these guys back in the day. One show their bass player and guitar player didnt show up. The drummer and singer really wanted to play, so Brett and I learned 4 songs in the parking lot and played with them.. it was a righteous time. Thanks to JOEL PARSONS for the demo

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rip Cassette To Mp3

Actually really easy.
Download any recording program ( I suggest using Audacity its free and it works, click link for free download ).
You need an Aux Cable.
Take the Aux cable and plug into your walkman or microcassette recorders headphone jack. Stick the other end of the Aux cable into the Mic jack on your computer.
Open Audacity and hit Record.
Then Press play on the walkman.
The Aux cable acts like a microphone but instead its playing the music right on to the recording program
record the entire tape/demo all the way through
Open a new file in audacity keeping the entire recorded tape/demo open in another window
just cut track by track, saving as you put each track in the new file
Its best to mixdown right to WAV file instead of saving each track as its own file

thats all
or buy this for 150$

Tape to MP3

brett kaplan told me about this in 1999 it just hit me a week ago

Victory Strike Force - 2001 Demo

1. Intro
2. When push comes to shove
3. Everyday
4. Somethings never change
5. Table turned
6. Different

This is the real demo.
I traded two Strength691 7inches and a Frostbite 7inch to Derm for this demo.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mark "Gator" Rogowski, Up For Parole This Year

He was a regular fixture in Thrasher magazine. At age 17 in 1983, he was making $100,000 a year. He and his girlfriend appeared in the Tom Petty video Free Fallin'.

In the end, after a nasty breakup with his long-time live-in girlfriend, Southern California's skateboarding icon confessed to police that he murdered a young woman. First, he beat 21-year-old Jessica Bergsten with a car steering-wheel lock called "The Club". He confessed that he raped her, wrapped her in a surfboard bag, strangled her and managed to dump her naked body in the desert without being caught. He would have gotten away with it too if not for the conscience that goes with being a recently Born-Again Christian.

Jessica was a friend of his ex-girlfriend's so the motive for murder could have been revenge. Having confessed, Gator pleaded innocent and suggested the killing was a kinky sex game gone wrong. He was found guilty and sentenced to consecutive terms of six years for forcible rape, twenty-five years to life for first-degree murder. He is eligible for parole in 2010.

Overlap Pop Track

check it, I think its kinda awesome how much bullshit it is that each track is almost exactly alike

3 songs, same beat, different artists, same format, wheres P-diddy?

fucking Katty Perry with that fucking catchy bullshit California girls song....


ATTN: Sarah Shourd

You suck. You keep claiming you're a hiker you're a hiker, bullshit, you and your scum friends knew what you were doing when you went over the border. I could imagine the conversation right before doing it.

Shourd: Hey, if we get caught lets just say we hiked over the border by accident and we didnt know. Nothing can go wrong with this.... sound like a plan?
:: High-five ::

Nice try moron, you were all fucking freelance journalist trying to make names for yourselves. You said while you were in prison the guards were treating you like a child but you were "grown up" and could handle what they could dish out. You got a fucking chocolate cake on your birthday, the fucking horror, how could they treat you like that! You also said you went on hunger strikes... more than one? way to fail. Im glad america didnt step in and try to help you and your scum friends get out. Im also glad some loser paid 500,000$ to get you out so we can listen to your bullshit torture story of hell and yummy desserts in the desert. You are not a hero, you are not a martyr, you are someone who got caught doing something wrong and got punished for it. So stop crying about you're experience in america, and get back in class to teach kids english in Damascus...scum

energy drink from Big Lots

this energy is all fucked up, instead of it reading Energy Supplement it says Dietary Supplement, check out this is a warning...
Caution: Consume responsibly. Limit 3 servings per day. Not recommended for children under 12. Pregnant or lactating women, or persons sensitive to caffeine. Athletes who consume this product immediately following strenuous activity incur the risk of experiencing a serious cardiovascular event. Persons sensitive to caffeine or any other ingredient in this product should avoid drinking.

I dont think any other energy drink says that...

Harmony Korine - Trash Humpers VHS

I just got my copy of TrashHumpers in the mail, go to the website to see more trashed out VHS films:

Unique Trash Humpers VHS, Individually created, and customised by hand, by director Harmony Korine.

Limited edition - only 150 made.

There is currently a wait of 2-3 weeks before you will receive your order.

The VHS tapes are now almost sold out, so we advise purchasing now to avoid disappointment as they are limited to a worldwide total of 300 units.

This is the video I got:

I think the idea of doing it like this is honestly awesome.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This site is pretty awesome, it deals with stories and urban legends. They talk about what ones are real and what ones are defunct. Talks about 311 and ties with the KKK, The Malboro man dying of lung cancer, Sesame street adding a puppet with HIV, and how the Luther Burger ( a bacon cheese burger served in a Krispy Kreme donut) is named after r&b singer Luther Vandross. Has a lot of stories. check it

More Ads

Tropworld Ad

There was a place called Tivoli Pier in tropworld. It had an indoor roller-coaster, bumper cars and ferris-wheel. It was awesome.

Vet Stadium National Anthem

I know this is hard to believe, but in 1989 or 1990 I actually sang the national anthem at Vet Stadium. In 4th grade I was in my schools singing group and we would sing at the Mall and Tropworld in Atlantic City on holidays. Well that year this kid Brian Joo's ( who is actually very famous in Korea right now) mom worked at Vet Stadium. She worked some magic so we could sing the national anthem. We practiced so much so we wouldn't mess up, we had to sing a certain way so we could deal with the crazy echo. It was only 5 kids me included. So my family was at home waiting to watch the game to see us singing the anthem on TV. We walked out to the home plate, and it was crazy. The only thing I remember was the pitcher was throwing to the catcher, and we were standing right behind the catcher, I was just so scared to be hit by the ball. After awhile of standing out there flinching after every pitch, they announced we were going to sing the anthem. We sang and honestly did good. We got to stay for the game for free. I went home and my mom told me they didnt air the national anthem.. I was bummed. But some kid in school was watching some local channel, and they covered that we sang. He recorded it and brought it to school. Let me just tell you, next year so many people joined the singing group including my brother. This paraplegic kid joined too and I could not understand that at all, he couldnt even sing let alone breath on his own. They all thought we were going to sing at the stadium again. but we didnt, thats about it.. I found this Souvenir Scorebook from 1993 thats what made me think of that story.

Saturday Morning Shows Schedule

This was when Saturday morning shows were awesome.
I used to watch from 9am to 11am every Saturday.

Boglins Ad

Found a bunch of old magazines in my moms attic yesterday. I found this ad in the back of a He-man magazine from 1988.
I used to have one of these when I was a kid. It came in a crate and you could stick your hand through the bottom of the cage and make it talk and act crazy in the cage. I didnt know the cage opened, I was pissed you couldnt take it out and play with it so I remember destroying the cage to get it out. Later I found out the cage opens and closes.

"Boglins love to meet girls especially little sisters.
try one and see.
Boglins come alive in your hand. They're squishy, squirmy and scary.
And they come complete with their own cages! so look for boglins, then look for girls"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Jumper picture

I'm not trying to be funny or rebellious, I just think this person looked like macho man randy savage dropping an elbow, its not fucked up or a joke, its a fact.

Netflix App for iPhone

This is freak nasty gnar. Lets say you're watching The Godfather on TV or your Computer with netflix but have to leave. No worries you'll find out what Sonny does to the guy with the camera as your walking to your car...
You can also access movies you have in your instant queue or add movies to it.
just click play/resume and you're good to go
I really like this app, its much better than FloTV. The only negative I have is that the initial loading is alittle long . But the speed in picking movies, and searching is pretty fast. me enjoy

Roast backlash

A video store owner in South L.A. used a hammer to destroy all tapes featuring Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg individually and the movie they made together, Made In America. He said he will not stock any more until a public apology is offered.

sorry I dont have much to post about.. lame


without the y

Arts House

hes doing all the renovating himself.. I was telling him I would have given up along long time ago.
its crazy to see that much dedication.

New Band

We dont have drums recorded, only vocals, bass and guitar.
This is just a pre-demo to the demo.
Please download and let me know what you think.



Saturday, September 4, 2010

this is why I suck

::Ill make it quick::

was getting gas yesterday at the sunoco on the white horse pike, I see a girl pull in, shes blocking the entrance, cars are beeping at her, she keeps looking for something in her car, she looked stressed out and flustered. she pulls across all the parking spots at the gas station, I go to leave, I thought to myself let me see if shes ok. got out of my car, knocked on the window, asked if she was alright, she said she ran out of gas and doesnt have her card on her, and she tried to reach her roommate but they werent picking up, she starts to cry, I asked if she wanted to borrow money, she said no, I insisted and got 20$ for her, I thought she was attractive, she was wearing like a renaissance/gothic dress which was alittle strange but whatever to each their own, she asked for my phone number then my address to pay me back, I said dont worry about it thinking i didnt want the money back, but me being a moron didnt give her my number, at the time I wasnt thinking, I really regret not giving her my number. I rarely meet people cause I dont do anything, I work and sleep, i have no time to go out and meet "chicks", I tried internet good, this happens, and Im blind. if she had a boyfriend or not who cares, I still should have made some kinda move, idiot, as soon as I get in my car, Im thinking, Im a moron, go back and say something, but its to late to drive back and say, oh hey heres my number... im a moron... so much for keeping it quick

if this doesnt make sense, sorry I wrote it real quick

Pogs at Goodwill

conflicting prices, one says 3.99$ the other tag said 7.99$. It was a wasted pastime for kids who played this. One the fucking stupidest games ever invented hands down.
pictures would make sweet tattoo ideas..........

im lying


"It's difficult to resist taking standard tourist photos from viewpoints"


went to big lots, bought some seriously disgusting fruit punch and poured it out in the parking lot
went to the dollar store and they were closing down, so they didnt have any ice cream

Hot Sauce

love this hot sauce. This isnt a chicken wing kinda hot sauce, this is more for chili or tacos or burritos. cheap and good

sky looked neat

Man Vs Weight Problems

Really enjoy man vs food, and I seriously dont mind the host that much. I mean he can be annoying, not funny and a moron, but the show still has some cool points. Season 3 he has packed on some serious pounds. Hes gone from a husky dude to a heavy set gentlemen.
From Man VS Food wiki:
Although described as "a bit on the husky side", to maintain his health while indulging for the show, Richman exercises twice a day while he's on the road.


Gremlin Pumps

these would be awesome back in the early 90's:
The white/brown Omni Lite Pump represents the friendly gremlin, Gizmo. Giz was the cool and furry gremlin, but still weird-looking nonetheless. The green reptile skin covered Omni Lite Pump reps for the evil gremlin. If you know your Gremlins history, you might find it funny that these kicks are a Winter ‘09 release. It would be pure comedy, and perfect timing if this pack drops in December. Either way, if you plan on getting a pair, KEEP THEM AWAY FROM WATER!

Demonic devil dog

it looks like the dog is really getting into character.