Saturday, September 4, 2010

Man Vs Weight Problems

Really enjoy man vs food, and I seriously dont mind the host that much. I mean he can be annoying, not funny and a moron, but the show still has some cool points. Season 3 he has packed on some serious pounds. Hes gone from a husky dude to a heavy set gentlemen.
From Man VS Food wiki:
Although described as "a bit on the husky side", to maintain his health while indulging for the show, Richman exercises twice a day while he's on the road.



HeatherFe said...

Brett's coworker was on that show the other day where he was eating suicide style hot wings w/pepper extract. I still hate him, but I pretend he doesn't exist outside the tv show so I can watch it.

Brett said...

In the battle of man versus weight problem, weight problem wins. WOW!