Friday, January 30, 2009

Top Chef

Happy to see Jamie do so well in a pretty tough challenge, also awesome to see Stefan in the bottom 3, bout fucking time.
Oh and I wish Gail was still on the show, Toby Young is horrible, I have to admit, hes not to bad now, but at the start he was not tolerable. I wish Jeff would have done this when he got kicked off

Bet on the Super Bowl.. Anyone?

Three Bets-

1. First song Springsteen Plays
2. Coin Toss
3. First Point

call me if you want to make these bets happen.

No posts till monday

Im off of work this weekend. sorry peoples. not like anyone reads this blog anyway. laterZ

Twin Sitters

We have so many movies at the golf course, I buy them all used for .01$ on All I have to pay is shipping, so it ends up being around 2.50$ for a movie. Well we were watching Jury Duty today, and there was a preview for this movie that I never heard of. Its called Twin Sitters.

Has to be the most awful movie trailer I've ever seen, right after we watched it, I went on amazon and bought it. If there is a movie I kinda remember and I didnt see it, I usually just buy it. Another movie that I bought that turned out to rule was Hangin With The Homeboys.

I just hope twin sitters rules as much as hangin with the homeboyswith that many bandanas its gotta be good

found this cleaning the shop

these things used to rule. I always thought of them as trash untill they took them away. Now theres no more change, only paper vouchers, kinda lame.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New book

Im working on a new book, I think the last two I did were tests. this one I think is going to be the best yet. basically all text and not many pictures, and a larger size.


I enjoy how ellen kennedy writes. Im kinda souped for her book to come out, I just pre-ordered it, you should too.
read some stuff Here

shaved my beard down, made a snow face

who cares

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vinyl Denial [new goth band]

Im not a vinyl dude, but I bought a sealed copy of Nirvanas "Nevermind" on Geffen records for about 25$. I enjoy some vinyl I own, but this had no value to me. So for Christmas I gave it to Spencer. Today, for some reason I was checking ebay for that record, and this came up.was kinda shocked. Its the exact same record I gave him.

Wii VR

Just watch it, its kinda cool. Skip ahead to 2:31 for the demonstration

3:35 = GNARLY


two egg rolls
Qt Beef and Mushrooms
Pt White Rice
1 litter DP

I didnt eat that much, I ate two egg rolls, and maybe 4 bites of the nasto beef and mush with rice.

Bored at work

slow day at work today. I think Im gonna try to eat something, kinda force myself. Chinese food I guess. I'll take a pic of what I get to eat.

03' at work

This pic was taken by shawn when he worked at the golf course. This is me on 16, driving the 5111... horrible machine. I was on this machine everyday back then, and it sucked. In april I've been working here 6 years... kinda crazy. This machine looks like this up close. 4 summers ago the machine blew up out on the course. We saw the fire from the shop, and thought it was a house. A few guys and myself drove out to see what house was on fire. When we drove on to the 4th hole, we saw this machine covered in flames and black smoke. The guy riding it was standing in the middle of the fairway just starring at it. No one was hurt, but the 5111 never rode again.

I have no urge to eat food or listen to eminem



got the boot, pretty upsetting, kinda wanted her to make it to the end with Jamie. Kinda lame she got kicked off for being in the front of the house, not for cooking. I think it was a bad call, she made the menu, and the dishes. Jamie better not get kicked, or the show is pointless

Monday, January 26, 2009

bow WOW

dog is huge.

alter-ego [Jace Ponn]

Back in the day, my first real band was called Finger Karate. We tried to make a fake movie one day making fun of James Bond. I figured, since Im the complete opposite of james bond, I should be the main actor, and my name would be Jace Ponn. The movie was lame. Through out the span of our band we made 3 different Jace Ponn movies. But the name stuck with me. I didnt mind it, back then I thought it was a cool nickname. I would make these stupid songs at bretts house, record them, and post them onto under Jace Ponn. Back then that site was fucking awesome. You could upload your songs, and order a professional looking CD.This was the first CD I "released". I released 4 CDs:

1. 3 Goat Night
2. Misled By Lions
3. Blair Witch Bootlegs 98'
4. Greatest hits

the songs were horrible, but kinda catchy and funny. I realized how easy the internet made it to get your music out. I started making more crappy songs, and making different bands. The two bands I did during a time when I was in a deep deep crazy loco depression were the most fun.

Muscle Bound Citizens

Muscle Bound Citizens Songs
1. Triple A (Arabs Assassinating Alligators)
2. Estikelios
3. Monkeys Toy
4. Dead People Bread
5. Curdles In Corn Flakes
6. Frogs

Im not 100% sure if these songs are all lost, but I know I dont have them anymore. I was crazy, I hope someone still has them.

I actually found the Bradless Myspace I posted the songs in 06' and forgot the password. The songs are LAME and kinda catchy. Check em out


I actually went into the studio with Art and we recorded two songs professionally (dont have them either) and they came out awesome. A week after we got out of the studio, Paul asked me to start a hardcore band with him.

But now that Im a grown dude, I hate when people bring up that nickname.

Brian Regan

I saw this a long time ago, and it is still one of the best CLEAN comedy acts I've seen to this day. Took my awhile to find his full set.

Tim Heidecker

was watching the food channel yesterday and they were doing one of those cake bake off things, but it was for Triplets ( 2 boys one girl turning 18 ). They were all super sassy and had lisps, even the girl. They were talking about how they loved working in the movie business. One loved acting, one loved directing and one loved writing. The one pictured said he loves acting, and romance movies. For some reason it made me laugh cause he seemed so sincere, like the people he was telling were going to be impressed with his taste in movies. None of them were like " What! you like romances? you sweet romantic youth".. Blah... He also reminded me of Tim from Tim and Eric, like a character he would play... sassy and proud


Back in the day, when we were super bored we would make really lame videos. Problem is, I lost them all. Well the other day Shawn told me he had found a video Art and I did in 2005. I asked him which one it was and he said " Feet Of Glory ". I forgot about that one. He just posted it up on his Blog Spot, check out the hot flick.


Saturday, January 24, 2009



I can tell Im sick

all my post suck...

remember the website the original site with pictures of dead things/people/animals. nasto. This post is another fail.. god let me get better soon

Sean Gorman

1. Video
2. Cds
way to go sean

renee zellweger

new movie. what the fuck. talk about type cast. Why not call the movie Bridget Jones's Diarrhea : American Style. Its just like those lame british movies she did. Im sorry Im so angry, I dont know why but how many times can she play this dumb girl roll, who has trouble finding love, then finds the person she loves is someone that was right in front of her blah blah blah. When she was interviewed about the movie, this is what she said "My character is so ambitious and so cut throat I picked the script cause of the Physical comedy". Loser. The only movies I ever saw with her in it were Jerry Maguire kinda good, and Me Myself and Irene that SUCKED. I know I shouldnt judge unless I see her shitty quirky diary movies, but I will pass.

horrible post

Im down with the sickness and I dont mean disturbed

I guess I have the flu, Wednesday I started having a cough didnt think anything of it till that night when I was sleeping. I kept waking up and coughing and my hair hurt on my head, and my arms. I can tell when I have a fever cause my dreams are weird, and just annoying. My dream was that I was playing a video game, and this enemy kept respawning behind all these tree limbs. I was just glued to the area where he was respawning. I felt like a kid playing police trainer, and just putting the gun right up against the screen and trying to shoot all the targets. Felt like I was doing it for hours...annoying.well heres the run down
Thursday: 101
Friday: 102
Today: 100

Ohhhhh ah ah ah ah

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dance Club Convo

Dance Club Convo

outside of a dance club
Guy : You know I think its really fucked up you have to do drugs and drink to have a good time
Girl : Fuck you

courtesy of spencer

Top Chef 5 [why Im a loser]

Last top chef I watched every episode every Wednesday night with a Blizzard.It was such an awesome season, I was super into it and I picked the winner Stephanie from the start.Yea Stephanie! check my old posts you'll see I picked her from the very beginning. I really enjoy the show alot, but this season I cant stay up late, I think it has to do with the cold, it makes it so hard to wake up early. Well this season I picked another person from the start Jamie.Shes a good chef and I just think and hope she'll win. Shes doing well so far, I just hope she doesnt get kicked off. Recently though I've been drawn to another chef on the show, Radhika.She just seems so down in the dumps all the time I feel bad for her. Even though I picked Jamie to win, I hope Radhika wins so she can brighten up! alittle more.

stupid post

Shaq Scrabble

funny commercial on ESPN

Show Last Night

First thing I want to say is Lewd Acts should have headlined the show. Graf Orlock over rated big time. The show started when the flyer said it was going to, even though we were told the show would be starting at 6:30. The reason for that is because Shark!Shark! got in a car accident. The sound there was straight up mud, trash, and echoy. It was awesome for all the dudes to come out from the cape may area, and it was also to see some older friends out there too. Paul, Derm, Steve, Chuck, and Kurt all came out. Super surprised to see derm and kurt, it was awesome they came. Spencer made a quick demo of the new 5 songs and we sold them with all our merch.We made about 60$ on merch (thanks to mitchum), and the promoter gave us 20$ for playing. We also got silk screen posters of the flyer that were awesome. The guy made only 83 of them. We played an ok set, no problems, just that our tone sounded like dirt. I guess these are the highlights of the night:

1. Talking to Emogeddon about old times at Harry Kats
2. Seeing lewd acts
3. Catching up with old friends
4. Seeing all the support from the cape may dudes ruled

It was a fun night, on the way home we stopped at the rest stop and I ate a Angry Whopper ( I think they put sweet and sour sauce on the burger its awesome), the women at the counter was a mexican mama, and I was going to try to smooze her... well heres how the convo went:

walking up with my food
Spencer - Jay I got it
Me- Nah man, you drove I didnt throw up any money
Spencer - Its all good I got it
spencer starts taking out debit card
Spencer - Hello
Mexican Girl - How are you
Spencer - Good
Me - You sure?
Spencer - Yes I got it
Mexican Girl - 18.97$
Me - Lord, are you sure?
Spencer - Yes. sorry we're on an awkward first date at burger king
mexican girl laughs
Spencer - Im just kidding
Mexican Girl - No I think you two are on a first date
Me - E. Whats that say on your nail
Mexican Girl - Little Man
Me - Thats Awesome

Him saying that broke my mojo to chat with a fox. I was tired and out of it anyway. Putting people on guest lists waste of time. All in all fun show, and fun times. We were tight but sounded like dumpster

Monday, January 19, 2009

post 6 6 6

ask eric, he'll tell you how good the CD is

Money doesnt grow on trees. how bout bill cosby?


Book details

I got to read 3 books by Seamus last night. Spock Jamz Vol 2, Karate Dicks and This Is Zero Cool. If I could use one word to express his books its Window. I enjoyed them a lot. Its awesome to look into someones life you know, and get to know them better through their writing. The artwork is gnarly, all books are a straight up awesome read and enjoyable. Im glad Im getting to do this 3 way book split with him, Im souped to get a hard copy.

first snow 09'