Saturday, January 24, 2009

Im down with the sickness and I dont mean disturbed

I guess I have the flu, Wednesday I started having a cough didnt think anything of it till that night when I was sleeping. I kept waking up and coughing and my hair hurt on my head, and my arms. I can tell when I have a fever cause my dreams are weird, and just annoying. My dream was that I was playing a video game, and this enemy kept respawning behind all these tree limbs. I was just glued to the area where he was respawning. I felt like a kid playing police trainer, and just putting the gun right up against the screen and trying to shoot all the targets. Felt like I was doing it for hours...annoying.well heres the run down
Thursday: 101
Friday: 102
Today: 100

Ohhhhh ah ah ah ah

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