Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Show Last Night

First thing I want to say is Lewd Acts should have headlined the show. Graf Orlock over rated big time. The show started when the flyer said it was going to, even though we were told the show would be starting at 6:30. The reason for that is because Shark!Shark! got in a car accident. The sound there was straight up mud, trash, and echoy. It was awesome for all the dudes to come out from the cape may area, and it was also to see some older friends out there too. Paul, Derm, Steve, Chuck, and Kurt all came out. Super surprised to see derm and kurt, it was awesome they came. Spencer made a quick demo of the new 5 songs and we sold them with all our merch.We made about 60$ on merch (thanks to mitchum), and the promoter gave us 20$ for playing. We also got silk screen posters of the flyer that were awesome. The guy made only 83 of them. We played an ok set, no problems, just that our tone sounded like dirt. I guess these are the highlights of the night:

1. Talking to Emogeddon about old times at Harry Kats
2. Seeing lewd acts
3. Catching up with old friends
4. Seeing all the support from the cape may dudes ruled

It was a fun night, on the way home we stopped at the rest stop and I ate a Angry Whopper ( I think they put sweet and sour sauce on the burger its awesome), the women at the counter was a mexican mama, and I was going to try to smooze her... well heres how the convo went:

walking up with my food
Spencer - Jay I got it
Me- Nah man, you drove I didnt throw up any money
Spencer - Its all good I got it
spencer starts taking out debit card
Spencer - Hello
Mexican Girl - How are you
Spencer - Good
Me - You sure?
Spencer - Yes I got it
Mexican Girl - 18.97$
Me - Lord, are you sure?
Spencer - Yes. sorry we're on an awkward first date at burger king
mexican girl laughs
Spencer - Im just kidding
Mexican Girl - No I think you two are on a first date
Me - E. Whats that say on your nail
Mexican Girl - Little Man
Me - Thats Awesome

Him saying that broke my mojo to chat with a fox. I was tired and out of it anyway. Putting people on guest lists waste of time. All in all fun show, and fun times. We were tight but sounded like dumpster