Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 CDs one ruled, one kinda sucked :IMO:

First I'll talk about the one that kinda sucked:

Danielle Ate The Sandwich
5.5 out of 10

Looks have nothing to do with this release, but this girl is attractive and shes kinda funny. Thats the only reason why this album got such a high rating. But things like that kind of piss me off, I cant get into her music at all. I really want to. Shes trying to be folky silly and catchy, but its not enjoyable. She has an amazing voice, and the guitar playing is kinda good, but she needs someone to ghost write her lyrics and let her know that there are other ways of singing songs. Every song has the same feel, her lyrics remind me a lot of Soko. To many little details being the focus of the song, trying to see the beauty in the little things, blah blah blah dumb. There are no memorable hooks, or catchy numbers that stick out in my head. I suggest to NOT buy it, but I do suggest to check her myspace and listen to her songs. One thing you have to do is watch her youtube videos, (they rule) shes very entertaining to watch, but her CD, not so much


Sharon Van Etten

9 out of 10

Again this girl is attractive and very talented. But that plays no part in my rating for this CD. From start to finish I enjoyed this cd. Slow, acoustic, folk, indie music. I found myself listening to the music, and enjoying some songs that were longer then 5 minutes. Usually I would hate when an artist would do that, but I didnt notice any of her songs dragging, or boring. You lose yourself in her music, and its easy to get into and enjoy. Reminds me alittle of Tiny Vipers, but nothing as depressing as a Jesy Fortino song. This release has good guitar playing with an awesome voice to compliment each track and is worth the money. Check out her myspace to buy the CD.

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