Monday, January 26, 2009

alter-ego [Jace Ponn]

Back in the day, my first real band was called Finger Karate. We tried to make a fake movie one day making fun of James Bond. I figured, since Im the complete opposite of james bond, I should be the main actor, and my name would be Jace Ponn. The movie was lame. Through out the span of our band we made 3 different Jace Ponn movies. But the name stuck with me. I didnt mind it, back then I thought it was a cool nickname. I would make these stupid songs at bretts house, record them, and post them onto under Jace Ponn. Back then that site was fucking awesome. You could upload your songs, and order a professional looking CD.This was the first CD I "released". I released 4 CDs:

1. 3 Goat Night
2. Misled By Lions
3. Blair Witch Bootlegs 98'
4. Greatest hits

the songs were horrible, but kinda catchy and funny. I realized how easy the internet made it to get your music out. I started making more crappy songs, and making different bands. The two bands I did during a time when I was in a deep deep crazy loco depression were the most fun.

Muscle Bound Citizens

Muscle Bound Citizens Songs
1. Triple A (Arabs Assassinating Alligators)
2. Estikelios
3. Monkeys Toy
4. Dead People Bread
5. Curdles In Corn Flakes
6. Frogs

Im not 100% sure if these songs are all lost, but I know I dont have them anymore. I was crazy, I hope someone still has them.

I actually found the Bradless Myspace I posted the songs in 06' and forgot the password. The songs are LAME and kinda catchy. Check em out


I actually went into the studio with Art and we recorded two songs professionally (dont have them either) and they came out awesome. A week after we got out of the studio, Paul asked me to start a hardcore band with him.

But now that Im a grown dude, I hate when people bring up that nickname.

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