Friday, June 20, 2014

Brigantine Elvis Fan

Every nice sunny day, around 3 o'clock as Im leaving work, I pass this woman sitting on her porch sun bathing. The first time I saw her I seriously thought she was dead. When I drove by the next day and she was still on the porch, I figured she wasnt. The cool thing about this women is that she has an elvis statue sitting on her lap. The fact that having the statue is part of her sun bathing routine makes this women awesome. 
I hate stalker shots like this but it was to interesting to pass up. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Computer Rooms [Book]

Pretty gnarly, excited to get it.
buy here:

8 Leaks one Week

who cares

I got ruined

Gnat Attack


took a pic of my brothers stepson while I was barbecuing, hes a rowdy youth.

Nobody's Type Club - 1822 1/2 [EP]

If anyone happens to find this post, please leave a comment with any information about getting a hold of this recording.
this is a call to everyone and anyone. I need to find these songs on mp3, CD or cassette.

Borna Sammak

seriously rules so hard

quality human

Garbage Duck Farm

Pasta Time

sauce by:Shannon

Wawa Smoothies

Every time I order one, I feel bad. When the person in the deli gets the ticket, the look of anger on their face is obvious. 
this women didnt feel like blending dem chips. I dont blame her though, she had orders backing up with no one helping her. They're normally boss.

Shaved My Head

grew my hair out for one year, two months and twenty days.
tried to take a pic everyday but gave up on that..