Saturday, August 29, 2009

Track Listing for Tegan and Saras Sainthood

Kinda bummed, just found out they're releasing the book the same time the CD comes out. What happened to the June Preorders? whatevs
dj am found dead in nyc... he was a dj...

Water Hog Jr.

When the greens have standing water this is what we use to get it off
Outside sponge, inside bucket. When the bucket fills up, dump it over and drain it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Everytime a bong breaks an angel gets seriously pissed

when I was at work, I found a shattered bong on the ground.. thick ass psychedelic glass. The kid who broke it has to be crying 24/7...
those kids had to save their allowance for that long to get a mondo expenso bongo.. then break it.. damn rich kids with money to blizow

leak list update

time to add more tape

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ATTN: Brett

I was just thinking about the time we kept saying Joel was "losing must and losing trust in himself". He got sass'd out cause he wasnt down with the Cinema Beer Nuts VHS from Hopeless records sickness.

1985 schedule


"in my opinionation the sun is gonna surely shine"

Not a real word. This was another show I watched a lot, but again hated. Things I remember:

six talked fast
her grandpops name was Buzz
her dad was a musician
her mom died?
her dad dated the girl from that make over show.
her older brother was fucked up on drugs
she talked to her camera like a diary
this video was featured at the end of one episode

1990 Teen Drama/Angst
kill myself


hellz to the yum

10 Pump Station/6 inch main break

fuckin shit up... still
Saw these dudes diggin this morning, was thinkin " I should tell them to watch out for the main" but then I thought "nah, they know what they're doing"syke. Im just happy the City fixed it, and we didnt have to. The thing that sucked is we had no water for the back I hope things dont start dying..fuck

Custom Beach Towels

Websites pretty neat. You can customize blankets (in full color), towels, pillows with your own pictures. I tried it out.. sent a shitty picture of the ghostbuster catching jesus.came out pretty good for having a bad picture. Heres the website

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kara Goucher

saw her running in germany for something. I just think she is a trot nixo... thats all

Patton Oswalt

hate him, and hes not funny

Failure Pile In A Sadness Bowl was funny...but I still hate him.. he says fuck and shit and bad and naughty words when people dont laugh at his horrible jokes.. suck fest 9th

Brigantine Dog Park Sign

the dog is happy to bag his own shit? is he having a seizure?

I laughed

dj on drums 1:51

found the movie

In reference to this post

when I was super young, the women who baby sat my brother and I made us watch this movie and beat the shit out of us. I never knew the name of it, until I was looking through a list of old Nickelodeon cartoons.. I read the description and it reminded me of the movie. The Movie was CREEPFACTOR 9th. Some scenes were shot like Clockwork Orange. But now I know the name.. who cares

ATTN: Audience for Married With Children


Grandmaster B

listen to the sirens, thinkin they're for me
its a lonely life for Grandmaster B

you know he wrote those hot lyrics with every intention of it being the hardest rap anyone has ever heard... and it is.. biotch


really starting to piss my life off.

California Dreams

The show sucked... but I watched it. They always played Sharkys, but they had some dude who tried booking them shows. But he always got them shows at Sharkys. Every show was "gig" related. You can tell when actors dont play guitar.. they over compensate by rocking and rolling really hard. The way hes playing his solo should sound like this

he IS a surf dude with attitude

original jumpercable EP cd artwork

it was supposed to look like this.. by spencer

Russians Out On Bail

They were released on their own recognizance, meaning they're trusted to show up at their court date so they dont need to be in Jail. Sweet wolf shirt yury

Leak Hole 1


Main Leak hole 5

I had so many more leak pictures, but I deleted them off my phone cause I had no room. This one was a pain! The leak was at a quick coupler we dont even use.. since it was a 4 inch pipe we didnt have the extension piece to fix it. But when we got it on.. we couldnt get it extended all the way. blah blah blah.. it held.. some how.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cake Town

They make 3 kinds of cake, Chocolate, Carrot and Banana. The Carrot and Chocolate are boss, the Banana is meh. They sell them at the 711, buy em and try em

Carrot 10/10
Chocolate 10/10
Banana 7/10

Reel on the Eplex2

when I was cutting, the reel stopped spinning. Theres a pin in the motor, and its meant to break away if it gets stuck. I was told how to fix it, but never actually did it. So I took it back to the shop and went to work.
It took about 20 mins to do, but it got completed. who cares

Thursday, August 13, 2009

ATTN: Heather

this is the blog I was telling you about

and I've asked people that question you asked me about the "growth" before marriage.
3 of our russian workers are locked up in county, they were caught stealing, going to visit them on saturday... gotta suck

Leak hole 5

no info.. just pics. does anyone care... MEH!

Brigantine 711 5:26 AM

I asked the workers what happened, they said a truck drove over a traffic light then drove into the 711. They said the guy got out of the truck and really calmly said "you guys ok?". When I was talking to them they kept saying " He thought it was a drive thru". They didnt say it once, they said it 3 times, I said " Yea" but I guess they were expecting me to laugh.. I just wanted to say "I heard you the first time dudes, knock off the wise cracks, theres porn magz on the floor".

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the hikers in Iran were also journalist I just found out... how come no ones jumping to their rescue?

14 pump station

I found out what they were doing on hole 10 and 14. Since those areas flood, they're building pump stations.. this is the one on 14. The area on 10 floods so bad, the other day kids were Kayaking from the 10th green to the 11th green.


16 Fairway

When we get a lot of water 16 fairway holds so much water. Sometimes air gets caught under the ground and a bubble will form
Its easy to fix, just puncture the sod which releases the trapped air under ground and it bubbles outI found a way to pump it out really quick.. shove the intake hose right in the the drainage line.. worked like a charm