Saturday, August 28, 2010

ATTN: Heather and Brett

are ya'll gonna post them Vegas professional pictures? jus askin.

Hogan Belzer

Heard about this on the History of Howard Stern. Wow. 0:58 you can see the blood puddling onto the stage. At 1:10 you can see the blood on the back of his Jacket.
Belzer got fiznucked hizzy up. Mr.T is a real asshole.

Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz

Dead? ... please

Katie's Cupcakes

Top notch. Boss to the max. Im not a cupcake guy, just cause I've never had cupcakes on my radar. I mean I've had cupcakes before but this is not your typical plain or chocolate cupcake, this was a Banana Bread Cupcake, and it was amazing. I wasnt expecting it to have so much flavor or to be so moist, but I was wrong after the first bite. Hands down best cupcake I've had, I really enjoyed it. Keep an eye out next year in Ocean City for a little place called Sandcastle Cupcakes, with a product like that, people will be flocking.

Lack of Blog

During the week I will be tweeting cause I dont have access to a computer until Saturday.
I dont post about cool things or brag about anything, its lame like this blog.

thank you to the person that sent me the new picture for the blog

behind the scenes Brainscan

At age 16 Edward confesses that he is a video addict in real life. We tracked him down as he challenged T Ryder Smith the actor behind Trickster, for a trial run of the cutting edge virtual reality game called Battle Tech.

ShakeIt iPhone App

I really enjoy this app, I like the gritty, 70s, polaroid feel it gives all the pictures. I hate the quality of the iPhone camera but this for some reason gives the pictures more feel, I know its lame, but so am I.

Typhoid Mary

thought this was interesting, is she cooking skulls?:
In the late 19th century, typhoid fever mortality rate in Chicago averaged 65 per 100,000 people a year. The worst year was 1891, when the typhoid death rate was 174 per 100,000 people. The most notorious carrier of typhoid fever—but by no means the most destructive—was Mary Mallon, also known as Typhoid Mary. In 1907, she became the first American carrier to be identified and traced. She was a cook in New York. She is closely associated with fifty-three cases and three deaths. Public health authorities told Mary to give up working as a cook or have her gall bladder removed. Mary quit her job but returned later under a false name. She was detained and quarantined after another typhoid outbreak. She died of pneumonia after 26 years in quarantine.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Robin Marrella

Always thought she was a major one. She was the one on the side getting the physical challenges ready and throwing shirts at people on What Would You Do? .

Inappropriate Hey Dude

Mel: Ted come on the guys an indian, I mean its like if you went to europe ok, and some guy asked you what you were you'd say?
Ted: Im an american
Mel: Right, ok, and now lets just say the same guy took out an american flag and made fun of it, you would?
Ted: Punch his lights out.

Who knew Ted had such pride in his country.

I enjoyed

Nickelodeon show I dont remember

Think Fast. Dont remember
Host: Do you think you're too short, really?
Kid: Yea
Host: You're fine, you're just a kid, you're gonna grow
Kid: No Im not
Host: Look at me, we're almost the same height
(Kids face is seriously awesome)


1992 memory (Dactyl Nightmare )

I remember when I was a kid, this virtual reality game was featured in the mall.
Kids and adults waiting in long lines to play this. They had TV screens set up so you could see what the person was seeing as they were playing. I think it was 20$ to play. Some people didnt understand the concept when trying to walk, and kept walking into the circle barrier around them. I remember the graphics being shitty like LawnmowerMan style with less horrible virtual sex scenes.
I always wanted to do it, but never did during its hype phase. I waited till it was boring, dumb and everyone thought it was lame to do it. It was in the Ocean One mall. I walked up and there were no lines, I paid 15$ and stood in the platform for like 10 mins waiting for another person to play against me. I think the guy running it gave some honky a discount so he would play. It was not awesome, not cool but I destroyed the guy I played against.
I used to watch this show every morning before school..ruled

Colin Dorsey

Colin played guitar in Jumpercable. This is the thing I dont understand, hes told me he likes my riffs, and has problems playing them. I ask if hes lying and just being nice but he says hes being sincere. It always shocks me when he says that just cause, this is him and this is the stuff that he plays and writes.
and he has problems with my shit riffs.... LIAR.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Old phone, old pics

I have a real question for the people at Virgin Mobile. I havent used my phone in about 4 months. I've kept a .10 cent balance on there so they cant reuse my number. I have it plugged in at work and use it as an alarm so the workers know when to go out and get the equipment ready. So 2 days ago I walk into the shop and see my phone had a message...
thought that was alittle crazy. I've had pictures on my old phone since April I wanted to post up, but didnt want to add money to the account to get them. Well here they are from April, I still like these pictures better than my iPhone pics.

McNugget Women

sucks to be this women. Honestly, I dont think shes in the wrong at all. I think she was alittle tipsy and really wanted some Mcnugs. The problem is the manager handled it wrong and instigated the situation. at 1:15 she starts pointing at her and looks like some sassy comments are coming from her mouth. Even though the women threw something at her right before, she still handled it wrong. The 1:32 Punch is amazing.
looks like me trying to threaten someone "I'll pop you with this...dont make me pop you"
I love how she hits everyone
Beer through the window... high class
Im tryna date her

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trash Humpers

Heather Brett and me drove up together and Seamus Shannon Spencer drove up together. When we got to the theater it was a fix gear paradise outside. The movie starts and already these philly scenesters are laughing at parts that arent funny. Made me kinda mad, but it didnt really bother me to much. Me personally, I love the dialog in harmony's movies. The first part of the movie had little talking. Harmony cast his wife as one of the trash humpers. Shes not a good actress, I've seen her in Dirty Ones and Mr Lonely and she kinda ruined both for me. She acts like someone trying to act the way he wants. Some people understand, some people try to hard and pretend to understand... like her. One point in the movie they fucked up and the movie was off for 5 mins. Some trashy whore yells out "Garbage Tits" and Im glad no one even paid attention to her. The second half of the movie seemed to have more dialog and more memorable parts. I enjoyed it, but not as much as everyone else I guess. I was bummed to find out that hes actually releasing this on DVD and VHS. Only 150 vhs will be pressed. I dont understand how he never released "Jokes", but is going to release this? Anyway they made MP3 ringtones of the movie, here they are:


:I think it was awesome that the people I saw it with all laughed at the same thing. When it was quite you could hear us laughing at things other people didnt get. But whatever, Im gonna buy it, but I need to watch it again to get a good feel of how I really feel about it.

"I don't follow rules on Sunday, I don't eat pies on Monday, I don't cry myself to sleep on Wednesday". Trashhumpers was interesting.

Jumpercable Nerd Palace Aug 1st 2010

Spencer sent me all these pics and the video from the show.
got new shirts made up
Reed putting an american flag in his mouth with Shannon in the backround. 4:34 Reed barfs the flag on Spencers shoulder, and spencer puts it in his mouth.. Betsy Ross is rolling over in her grave cause shes not alive to join in on the American Barfing Party
Thanks again to TJ and Lou
pic from outside NP.

(audio cuts in and out, but still enjoyable to watch)
::all taken by Dave Marnio except for shirt taken by Spencer...thank you::