Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cowabunga Babes - Hot Babez

I heard about this band from Veronica Ortuño's podcast Cease To Exist!
catchy sloppy rock trash

Partners in Kryme

not gonna lie, I thought Digital Underground sang this song
the sad thing is, this was their only single that was a hit. When they tried to write one for capitol records it never charted.

Bonkers! Ad

I remember the watermelon ones, thought it was so awesome with the different colors.

Dont see to many of these anymore

My brother got a new dog


Delilahs Outlet Market

In the mid to late 90's they built this giant outlet store called the Delilah Outlet Market. There was a lot of talk that the mob was involved in the project. The place didnt do well and eventually it closed down. Its now been renovated into a retirement complex. This sign is up down a back road near the former market....
reverse Aifam... conspiracy theory starring Julia Gibson

Biz Markie - Doin' The Mudfoot

The deal for the tshirt is fucking awesome, 7$ for a sweet t-shirt
not commercially released, only available if you bought a pair of converse.

Cooper Compact Disc Player/Cooper iPhone

Old Picture Old Barn Same Shirt



Atlantic City Race Course

this entrance isnt used anymore
simulcast field of satellite dishes


Wasnt Whoopi a recurring character on Star Trek?
a book based on the screenplay.. gotta be terrible...purchased

VHS Score

I did not buy this... wild bikinis?
I didnt buy this either, but I thought it was cool that I found the soundtrack too.
Promo copy. I saw Lou Gossett Jr in the movie Firewalker when I was young, always thought he was a good actor. This on the other hand looks terrible....
Had to buy this

Answering Machine Audio

gave my nephew my camera and told him to shoot

I bought 2 old answering machines from goodwill, heres an mp3 mash up of the best messages on both.

Lenox Building Abandoned

Its pretty much now just a dump area, people dump their tvs, trash and other unwanted things. Its awesome to walk around and check out... Steve Brule style.

Tastykake Watermelon Limited Edition

3/10 the filling has a wet pudding texture, not smooth, wet. not good

Tejas Grill

The food here is amazing and cheap. I havent had a bad meal yet. Hands down the best Mexican food in New Jersey.


bugs like this always remind me of Lucas.
I crushed on Kerri Green hard

Old Nickelodeon Schedule 1996

Was never a fan of Hey Arnold! or Shelby Woo.


Jersey tomato, two fried eggs, raisin bagel with cream cheese. enjoyed

Video Game Ads

Saw these comics in Goodwill and as you know, shitty scum comic books have the best ads in them. I didnt buy them, I just took pictures of the ads. click on picture to enlarge

Important Clubs

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

I watch The Sopranos every weekday at 4 o'clock on A&E. I never thought Meadow was a fox, I know everyone says that shes a sexy hot one, but I never thought so. Well until today, it was the episode when Tonys coming out of the coma.
hatchi matchi! Pictures of her with zero makeup is when she looks the babeliest

sorry for lack of posts

more tomorrow...anyone care? sorry for all the youtube vids

Best Reaction

honestly the best present and the best reaction. I really enjoy this video a lot.